Monday, August 9, 2010

Music of the Hyperspheres

Music of the Hyperspheres

Nothing much to add today but in the heat and humidity I took an afternoon nap yesterday and woke up wondering what the day and date was sort of half thinking about how we set up the calendar. Well, none of the ways to do it seems perfect to me, but then again humanity has made some attempts at various calendars. I would imagine these roughly correspond to the days or some unit as on the small scale and over time these are but approximations. Each month may begin on one of the seven days and thus there are 14 variations from the 1st of some month being Sunday- and there is Leap Year which has some shifting rules and so on.

Now physicists and those in love do not always know what day it is- they can gain or lose a day sometimes and what is time of clock measure anyway? We have no real algorithm for the greater concept of time. (Lubos today has an article on NP not = P of which I would concur from the articles of the last three posts on the five dimensional polydihedra maths- but rather I would suggest in a wider generalization that any such proof must come up to the conclusion in our more finite oriented evolving universe that NP quasi= P if we can be simple enough in our symbols system and notions to see it).

On the other hand, since our minds are computers as a possibility- that it we can do intelligible calculations and so on- How is it that the Idiot Savant can so easily tell the day for any date in any year? Some have suggested it is a more powerful base they calculate within like base 60. Well, that says a lot, among other things that the quasic field organization or the dimensional levels of our centered and coherent thought may have certain structural environments that are intelligible mathematically- even if we are not consciously aware of this level of computation it works because the mathematics works itself in application to the world of our experience and experiment.

Thus the number seven is important in the sense it enumerates the possible changes from one orthogonal state to another (hey I doubt all proofs based on either statistics or Gibbs space or both, or any such scheme of undo savant complexity and page length) in three dimensions... not this is within the context of the way Dirac and Rowlands sees the five fold algebra with its twelve and five (two space) operators. Because the mind can be organized according to multidimensional space structures the computation is rapid and easy for such problems when the mod values deal with these algebras of seven and five. For the more down to earth viewer the knowing of such algebraic methods, essential for programming by too many unnecessary steps or not even if out of the reach of brute force random calculations, could make it easy to do the trick the idiot savants seem to do. As we are not independent from the immediate harmonics of higher space and internal space structures any of us that relate to 12 7 and 5 tone music has he ability to feel and easily calculate such 32 operator systems- we feel the music or play it in an intelligible manner.

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