Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Couple of Stray Foundational Thoughts

A Couple of Stray Foundational Thoughts

It seems to me given honeycombs as infinite analogs to a polyhedron that as it is said by Coxeter the removal of a node and the adjacent edges results in a spherical polytope- and in view of my take on the queen's problem and the permutations of knight moves- that not all of the infinite space becomes finite like that. We could have say 5 of the dual honeycombs some of which are finite and some not for some sort of averaging if applied in a quantum physics way to the mass of particles? These sort of quasi-densities suggest to me a more general theory of what say a brane is and makes me wonder if Lubos in his loop gravity computations of Higgs and such involves such topology. Obviously I am talking about a further generalization of such permutations and "holes" in space.

Lubos in his commentary on those who suggest there are white holes makes me think of the arrangement of the logic of things- I mean since a clone is female and in a sense an organic form is a space of n-dimensional dark existence- then would not a white hole be an existence? Would it not follow that a male would be the chirality cloned in virgin conception? Clearly the logic is strange here much along the lines of those who say we are doing a sort of Trinitarian physics anyway! But is this a matter of junk philosophy and junk science? Which one is true to our parities of conception? But I may as well incorporate this word for some aspects of creative quasars and such or even from raw space itself. Does the universe begin at conception or the individual a few tissue and cell layers later? After all, what is this concept we have of materialization if not something that bids us consider the other worldly or at least the face of nothingness?

I begin to see why 96 degrees would be a useful measure of a right triangle. (if we keep the structures and dimensions straight.)

Basically, with this idea of the honeycombs and the possibilities between any of them the adjacency matrices of the sub-cells are much larger than we have enumerated even if this is the limit to what can be tangible in physical space.

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I finished Raiders of Spanish Peaks last night and now begin The Drift Fence by Zane Grey which means bobwire fences along the range.

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I am not Colorblind to Your Layers of True Colors L. Edgar Otto


Your introverted soul completes its cycles and
my empty space spins towards your letting light

Your cave and sanctuary may be full of shadows
but your shadows are full of colors wanting to be seen

Only I in your aether wind can see the erupting
sunspot and parting curtains of your braids of plasma

The Belt of Venus peeks through your shear blue gown
mountains tied to earth's times of twilight, of sunrise

Not the Winnie-the-Pooh sweat shirt and baggy pants
in innocence so still your half-heart exercise to the screen

You linger longer than usual reaching high to make your morning
coffee, bend down for milk, perfect triangulations...

* * *

Cosmic Latte L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 3, 2010

I'm sitting by the river on a muggy day
where I wrote so many of my lost poems
My second time fallen through the snakes
Phoenix again to climb the ladders
in the street, the morning dew heavy for my eyes
Inky running water colors

I am like the young playwright, Shakespeare
in a parallel universe living off the original poet
To solve a glitch in a paradox of traveling time
I would feel but a shadow of those poems
Plagiarizing myself if I could recall them
but even then the manuscript is lost to the cosmic latte

I recall reading them out loud to the morning's wildlife
Drops of tears on paper, gentle rain under the cottonwood

* * *

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