Sunday, August 8, 2010

Penta Poly Dihedra (Part 3)

Penta Poly Dihedra (Part 3) and On Theoretical Notions

I continue to have ideas occur to me based on these very simple notions and yet they seem at the foundations no more strange and simple than some of the space notions that seem to ground our current ideas of physics. The old saying on the back of National Radio Institute courses from the 50's stands out to me: "The man who knows how will get a job, but the man who knows why will be his boss." I hope my asking why is not looking at things too deeply.

I have decided to make some gumdrop and toothpick models for all of this and one day will post a photo. I had done some on the tetrahelix for the DNA and posted them on philosophychat com forum but it seems the concepts were not grasped and they were moved from science to philosophy and then to "Odds and Ends" Of course here I do not have to worry about that. In any case the two proposed structures to DNA have the same mathematical intelligibility but it would have not occurred to me before reading Rowlands to pursue such polyhedra which are not regular symmetry structures mainly because I took the powerful ideas of such bonding structures as the how instead of the new possibilities of the why of it. Surely, historically, there is a lot of credit to be given for those who were not mentioned in the nobel prizes- Rosland and Pauling stand out, and yes the guy that made the stamp. And the father of Penrose before his time and even Gammow's notions had applicability and in retrospect are now justified.

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