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Coincidence as Conservation of Intelligibility

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Coincidence as Conservation of Intelligibility

A good theoretician, grounded in a sense of science, should be brave in her speculations and interpretations of the foundations proposed to explain reality.

A poor one, grounded in the fundamentals as if in the certainty of a blind faith, lacks that sense of embarrassment of the failures, irrelevance, or lack of depth, over complication of first thoughts for a simple theory which the assertions not going far enough ahead are made trivial but dogmatically made as objects of set and fossilized faith at that borderline of what is science, a vague worship of saints and heroes and their ideas they in their modesty and honesty never meant as tuition.

I might add that a measure of a good one is his given of equal weight to ideas, intellectually and initially that in the flow of time one may change his opinions.

For those on the fringes of theory no amount of rational demonstration of the error of coincidence concluding effects of the supernatural, going beyond general ideas of chance and thermodynamic laws, can stand in a world where there is cosmic intelligibility as coincidence in our evaluation of the fine structure constants.

I try to understand the brave assertion in string theory and in Rowland's book, of symmetry breaking as what seems New Age, at least as such souls have claimed the ideas and tradition of vague numerology involving the golden section. How simple and brave the idea that the "pentatope" or 5-cell can be arranged as almost to fill the 10 faced deltahedron or pentagonal dipyramid.

This is in the spirit of Fuller and his synergy (including his errors on spherical volume as integral). Fuller the guru to a generation of back to the Earther's, dedicating his book to Coxeter - also for me a guru's guru.

On my old copy of Regular Polytopes I drew a pentatope in yellow grease pencil. Further publications of his book had such a pentatope (only in the two dimensional representation) on the hard cover.

Much of the explanation in Rowlands involves the application of the doubling of things as justified by complex number algebra. I reconsider this and quite imagine its application to the observation of duplication (see recent astronomy picture of the day articles) and separation of matter and dark matter in galaxy evolution.

Rowlands mentions the universal importance beyond the model of cosmology of the Hubble constant and coincidental values. I remind (if there is still a record left and as Eyes_Only confirmed and understood in my philosophychatforum posts where the HST of Hubble and the mainstream stars were offered as a property of my "quasic" space physics.

If course there is coincidence that material things intelligibly correspond to these values - for example, the so called explanation in New Scientist recently for higher energy cosmic rays accelerated by the galactic magnetic field.

In the illustration above I show stacked pentagonal dipyramids as 2-space pentagons and triangles. But such a "golden" symmetry exists also in the stack of them in three space, as if two Moebius strips (and the accompanying algebra) made a Klein's bottle (regardless of the state of dimensions and intersections). Both backbones of something like DNA or protien helix stacking fold into circles that overlap themselves- I am sure such a thing exists in this lesser topology of symmetries or if not an angular treatment should be explored, especially in relation to the golden and other quadratic numbers.

I feel my faith justified that there was something unique and intelligible in the faith of good theoreticians for to follow like Coxeter and Rowlands and I fully expect they are to be in the mainstream of our era.

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A Speculation inspired from the hand made models as a notion above:

Given the fern like frond unfolding from the circular to a more spiral yet linear extention of rthe 4 or double 2space algebra- the two space backbone of the 3D helix (of 5 pentagonal dipyramids) composed of pentagons and triangles (icosahedral like unfolded net with circuits of direction)locally. These may be viewed as Dihedrons of zero volume, contiguous and flat in the sense also of zero probability as in the case of some aromatic molecules, Thus the dark or opaque matter-energy notions apply
and yes as incommensurate transcendental differences that do indeed allow for freedoms of motion (such as Rowlands alternative to Fullers DNA unzipping speed) and the conserved intelligibility in concrete material and dimensional structures. In this sense such vague and fundamental non-local conservation of perhaps potentially infinite "speed of gravity" we understand the restriction on string theory as "infinite symmetry" in a deeper sense than if the honeycomb is analogous to a polytope of finite boundlessness.

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L. Edgar Otto on facebook got this humorous reply to yesterdays thought:

L. Edgar Otto If there is talk of relativity sound but not deep enough to explain the world- and that quantum theory is also sound but on a shaky foundation- then what can be said of quantum gravity? Eddington had in right in 1929 with his quantum relativity.

Michael James More important, what do you put quantum gravy on?!

Ed O'Brien Quantum Texas Toast w/Pota'toes' OBrien???

L. Edgar Otto We are in the age of high estrogen soy based physics. Where to put the gravy is a great question considering we can now ask "Where is the Beef?" Just as there are five string theories make into one big one, under the constitution Texas could break into five states.

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