Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Penta Poly Dihedral Principles

More Penta Poly Dihedral Principles

Lubos today in the reference frame blogspot seems to be talking about the foundations in terms of symmetry and energy. If one cares to look deeply into my accompanying illustration posted as a reference- he surely must see the context of the same topic but of a more general nature than our models of space heretofore and as a more philosophic perspective.

I would add one further thought I did not include on the page of this idea of quasi-inertia systems to be indistinguishably generalized much as some quantum theoreticians apply the uncertainty principle. In a sense even at a zero sum of energy our experience of the one and finite universe multiply rejecting all others is as if we are in a particle. Some formulations as the matrices of Heisenberg do seem to address this aspect of the real but ultimately we cannot distinguish the idea of finite and continuous in the context of the cosmos.

*n+1 A spinning 10faced-deltahedron may express its equator in a linear (note translational conservation) manner over six as well as five discrete jump units. Recall that the rotations and the linear transformations between natural dimensions and quasicity are the same description- but existentially these are expressed as either in a quasi-freedom of actual motion. It follows that the group multiplication of the colors and the places to put them in under rotation is the same intelligible result of numbers (say 6 x 5 = 30) in spherical or linear systems.

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