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Speculation on Liebnizean Stereonomic Mediation

Speculation on Liebnizean Stereonomic Mediation

Although complex numbers are the heart of modern physics (see Lubos on the reference frame blogspot), in a quasi-nonlinear system of Liebnizean universal doubt of all inputs the imaginary numbers are not powerful enough or deep enough in the sense of an intelligible amplification from the microcosms such that a small change strictly leads to a greater change (one of the so called "butterfly effects") to describe the laws of the Phaneron (in Gardner's sense as the cosmic background) which is paradoxically not necessarily independent quasi-linearly.

As far as Lubos's articles today (which I read of course after the fact of writing this manuscript last night). I would start by asking the question of the time like dimensions not limited to eight dimensions but at least 16 and beyond provided we generalize the mathematical properties. (btw these in my philosophychatforum development I called the "Farve dimensions"). That is we generalize the octonians as we are are not limited to the local topologies discussed nor complex analysis.
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If anyone has followed my chain of reasoning I can show the generalization of our notions of such dimensions by Rowlands consideration of the pentagonal dipyramid applied to the DNA structure. I thus suggest as part of Conways 30 cube matrix that it is a part of the backbone or shadows drawn out linearly of my inscribing of the five pentagons (as nil digons) and the five triangles. Thus the shadows have five and one tetrahedra respectively for a total of thirty. Of course these can divide or join by the usual complex number ideas and be a neutral state for the 90 or 45 possibilities of four colors of the six in question. Certainly what Lubos asks would very clearly and beautifully apply to a model of such organic structures for the generalization of this vague idea of four space and so on. The symmetric 30 would indeed relate to Klein's 4 group and Dirac algebra of the 60 and the 32+32 of the Sixth situation (Is that F6? sorry I am not schooled in your terminology guys, but I suspect my approach is more from Klein as it emphasizes finite groups.)

As the tetrahedra in question are in a relaxation relevancy I call this an n-polis. When it involves thirty for a span of five of the pentagonal dypramids I call it a Triaconopolis but keep in mind this still is a subset of greater natural dimensions, even quadratically greater than five.

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Back to transcribing from the notebook manuscript:
The whirls and spinning structures, say of the sunspots and the whirls of tendencies involving climate on the earth may have geometric (and variations of topological structures) mediators as systems as well as a description of mass-energy relationships as the system description. But this follows from the speculations on locality and scale quasi-independent models. Surely what interactions, perhaps from opaque or dark substance between particles in an atomic nucleus, have analogous effect in the electron configuration of the atom. A balance of charges of course.

These, without appeal to vague and distant statistics only, can be a matter of finer measure and predictability than that method may reach. Of course the system is generally true to the analogy for such solar systems bodies. We observe the possibility of planets created in pairs or even halved by the virial priciple. (see Rowlands) we observe in relation to Kepler's music of the spheres as the first scientific and falsifiable model system a further theory or sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Action at a distance is thus less strange and more generalized. Of course the Kelperlian model requires at least the virtual structures of four dimensional solids. In general although we may map a similar structure in real space in a complex space mirror the actual possibilities of the isomorphism of such mathematical notions and mechanisms are not that restricted to describe some totality or generalization it seems to do within some ground and definition of dimensionality unto the basis of a given dimension.

* * * Addendum somewhat later this day:

Given the triaconopolis established as a sequence with relatively more fixed connector monopolis over the chiral compacted bilateral helical backbone, other paths and sequences may vary and evolve from this implied continuity through opaque coherence's.

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