Monday, August 16, 2010

Qm Gravity and Hidden Political Dimensions

Qm Gravity

In the early days of space exploration we required mult-stage and multi-dimensional rockets to reach escape velocity. But we only had to restrain the falling back to earth. Think about this you engineers and scientists who live in grids and boxes or in the cloudy Zen of quantum physics dreaming of climbing, and yes, falling from mountains.

* * *

Hidden Political Dimensions

There is no constitutional guarantee for freedom of covert operations. They may as well have built their Mosque on the fallen tower site itself as to have memorials at pentagon ground zero paid for by these states that sponsored terrorism, whose soldiers traded uniforms for student visas we trained to fly. Eye for eye what faith would we implant at the Emirate's Babble towers confounding words now standing highest in the world?

Our president wears no uniform as head of armed forces and the people. Should such a man of peace be tried in this era of sensitivity in the media still far from the front and full of issues of frivolity? In principle by our law his reaching out in dialog could be declared he gives aid and moral support to the enemy.

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