Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Leonardo Wasting Time with City Hall

My preoccupation with five fold symmetry as the garden heads toward autumn this post is about a book and a blog poster who stand out briefly as a fresh and lone flower that was not there yesterday and who knows about tomorrow?

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Another Leonardo Wasting Time with City Hall

I am not doing much today but I did post the following to New Scientist asking for what are important and influential science books:

I came across Peter Rowlands book Zero to Infinity and the clarity of his presentation advanced my understanding of the foundations and frontier of science immensely this year. He also made so many connections I agree with in my decades long hobby of the physics I find it startling and see directions from points I started thinking about years ago. His book is on the scientific american book club- but because of him I have the highest respect for the wisdom of our British scientists and of course I am a lifetime reader of New Scientist. I feel that some of the established and young theoretical physicists on line would clear their heads reading him and see through their own concerns and contriversies as I can now see through them clearly- so we can come closer, and I in my time, to seeing the beauty and reasonings of what this life and universe is.

L. Edgar Otto Eau Claire WI

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I also submitted this comment to Lubos of the Reference Frame blogspot I follow:

Most interesting post (I respect but do not emphazize probability in science), but along the way of reading this I realized it was not just to be about a puzzle. Does this have to do with the 26 and 13 dimensions (say on a cosmic string) in earlier ideas of string theory?
I have been thinking lately of that link of notions of entropy and decoherence but have nothing to post on it yet. In any case the world certainly seems somewhere between the deterministic and uncertainty as grounding.
So this question of thermodynamics (and indeed from your post on the questioning of quantum theory in the certainly is a great issue of what is approached to some classical observation which would be half. Maybe there is no ideal quantum isolated state ever reached, a sort of minimum entropy. That is is the universe itself an isolated system so to speak? Maybe there is only vague quasi-isolated systems.
Thus in all these coincidences of nature we certainly have to look deeply at the issues of global warming- for if the earth is more integrated would it not become less coherent or more so if we treat it as an isolated system? But when does Monday become Tuesday on the dateline and how many hours is a given holiday on the earth? We probably need a little more logic than we do inadequate and pseudo science on these issues than many seem to have as you point out from the other side.


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Of Natural and Supernatural Mirrors:

As I look at two contigous pentagonal dipyramid deltahedra I am struck by the sense of a neuter and right and left mirror image as if it were such a regular solid that has these properties. It has the eleven points of the 18 faced missing deltahedron. But there are endless varities of concave ones to the few convex ones- so I suspect just as six equilateral triangles become flatland on the higher dimensionalities the 18 faced one becomes somehow curved or circular. I think then that we should acknowledge a class of them roughly to be called quasi-convex.

Coincidence- and maybe the hidden ground and continuity of dark matters that may or may not appear other worldly. For example: In real life we can have real connections with others or fanciful ones- the the same is true on the other side of a mirror. When my well "supernatural" space is close to my friend and not just a false dreaming our schedules as random as they are seem to match and for some reason I run into her in the most unlikey places many times- so there seems a connection in the real world too of these recurring periods of coincidence. But this does not happen unless we are in a sense of some sort of super topology over time connected in a way that our feelings are not just wishes and fantasy.

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