Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twizzleors (Distinguishing the Indistinguishable)

Twizzleors (Distinguishing the Indistinguishable)

Between the circumscribed spheres and the inscribed spheres are the n-spheres in n-dimensions beyond the distinct shells of some projection centered on sub-cells of geometric structures, the permutation is equivalent to the perspective.

In the illustration is the standard six colored faced cube (made of toothpicks and twizzlers as this is a twistor like theory), clearly of the six factorial, 720, we can have groups of four colors or groups of three colors. Note our decision to so label them and view them appears different in the mirrors depending on if they are below or above the standard cube. In such concrete space this abstract principle is not as fundamental as reducing all rigid motions to an identity element even if as a zero vector it is so designated and labeled.

Here we can see the standard coloring I call CHL and as in natural perspective we have the red,yellow, blue triplet above the green,violet,orange we have the BDK over the GIN of the same notation. Now, consider the matrix multiplication of all these sets of cubes and on what level it may show some interesting properties.

* * * By the PeSla at the moment without many new ideas and reading Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage and violet in the illustration here is a little darker than desired but such is the case with pigments in a spectrum of hues not moderated to the same tone values.

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