Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metaphysics Beyond Maximum Symmetry

Metaphysics Beyond Maximum Symmetry

What I have styled the "quason", as it applies to atoms so in a sense why not the universe?- that question of the One and Many, in the last few years worked out the 248 dimensional snowflake of maximum entropy resembles.

What if instead of being viewed as a spherical top we imagine, as the Omnium or totality of universe, this structure can be seen as quasi-linear, quasi-compacted intelligible quasi-concavity? Vaguely nature seems to favor such helices in the structure and transmission of mass and energy, concrete and opaque.

In this metaphor and notion (to which things like Yangian topology and M-theory are but stepping stones) one might ask if and what would be an analog to its sub-dimensional backbone of shadow polytope nil dihedral continuity? What, moreover, is the grounding logic of the totality, some intelligible Dedekind like
cut vaguely made at the interface of between the false and the true?

In such a world some of our religious or metaphysical intuitions may make better sense and fit into better intelligible models. In an open universe (perhaps, rather quasi-open at some point of "creation") and if in a real sense we can control our own evolution, what is true may be independently so in a world wide enough that we establish the truth of our own heaven and hell, unique and total faith thus for all practical purposes at least- a solid grounding for that discovered faith.

Personally, I would like to think in the scheme of things that all changes can be accessed and recorded somewhere as if the great mythical libraries of old- in some place by an intelligible path in all varieties of space and time we can read our lost books of Alexandria and even make sense of vanished lives and might-have-been's. But this is just a wish, and perhaps it born from our lack of depth or ability to appreciate or understand the beauty and depth of the experience of life and truth of its movement as a victory in the main over that which vanishes.

Yet, in accepting the Liebnizean comprehensive relativism in these matters, do not think I say it is the only picture of a "phaneron" or background of being to our perceptions. As some have so made such conclusions socially and politically on the lesser level of this notion from the work of Einstein so as to deconstruct physics and metaphysics in such cultural relativism of choices. I only say it is part of the big picture to which our generation of theorists sense the need and feel driven to work out.

Basing truth as a matter of probability seems to me at this point (although such claims we leave open intellectually as a possibility) is not powerful enough to resolve the paradoxes a the deepest levels we now have obtained. For either those who profess by the improbabilities of say organic structure's forming spontaneously so infer intelligent design creationism or for those professing scientific reductionism, can we justify outside our thoughts and perceptions these as matters of fact.

So much of this is obvious and perennially said in one philosophic form or another. But by what measure as if our fate and truth can we, involved in our own developing theories and place or role in life, can we reach a higher dimension outside, yet within our self that even our doubts of inputs of enquiry are not totally blind?


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