Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Calypses: Opaque Matter-Energy 21st Century Key

Calypses: Opaque Matter-Energy 21st Century Key

L. Edgar Otto (on facebook today): The key to everything and even desire is the dark matter-energy for it defines the sky the dust and our bodies and minds. These calyspes are great sources of power for the physics of the 21 century.

Here are some further notes (I many not be around with computer access as much until I can get my own and not public computers) Posted in manuscript image form. I find that articles lately support much of my views- the Rubik's cube article on new scientist and the one that describes an increase by fractals of superconductivity in concert with the idea of graphene when cooled as a model of gravity and so on.

And the one on the NP hard problem- this is where I tend to disagree with Hofstadter on his strange loop idea and consciousness- I mean the music of the six notes is a good idea but not deep enough- and it is said in the NS article bad news for computation (did Hofstadter not also include Godel in the title?)- but this is not the case in my system as there was obviously and is the vague possibility of philosophy as transcendence and the myth would be we are trapped into nerdy levels of computation (not to say there cannot be levels with smudged information in recursive hierachies for that is the case quasically (even if current science has gone around rather than go direct to the concept) If there is any such trap and limit to our human creativity it is a loop of our own making and the basie of our character in relation to the world- the myth of reductionist science and nerdism as so felt by those who see the human mind as only as if robotic and mechanistic. That said there are reasonable structural restraints for intelligible counting. Loop quantum gravity is also not foundational as a secret for the universe.

I border here on speculation at least to the mechanism of the calyspes (think of them as small partial planes equal to Riemann sphere in multidimensional and directional quasic space and conceive of levels where these apply to organisms.) For in the twenty-first century our last age of electricity may look to it as that era thought of steam. There is danger and great promise in these nanotech ideas and a lot of guided explanations in simplicity of models. Much is open to physical experiment and some imagined int he sci fi or fantasy realm of which the genre itself will seem rather backward than a future thing to come or for us to desire.
I am not saying here that there are unlimited sources of energy say in the idea of zero point spaces- but the effect as one view and substance via the vacua does have to account for such so called dark (opaque) and hidden symmetries... So many of the theoretical physicists I read lately are so close together on these ideas of which the creative philosophic among us and even the myth makers can find useful notions.

These contemplations lately are very rewarding to me to understand things equal and a little beyond my age in my lifetime. These notes are of course a suggestion for some further exploration and enumeration of such structures and groups that they may apply to physics somewhere. Let us look then for new ways to feel and see these higher spaces and hidden symmetries and scope of intelligibility beyond our genetic and cultural endowments. Of course this out of the way there are more important things for me to do- as is the case with Love every when and where.

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