Friday, August 6, 2010

Principles of the Penta Poly Dihedron

Principles of the Penta Poly Dihedron

The more I think about this sort of abstract space the more it feels right- even though if we understand it we question the very ideas of what the foundation of physics is looking a little deeper into those notions now considered either useful or metaphysical. Even if in a real sense of those who stick close to the facts or risk consequences of experiments without enough basis to find things save by accident (this includes some mathematical pursuits apparently not useful that leads to other things along the way) may be surpassed as to what is the concrete nature of physics to which abstract models as in the standard theory, the further reaches of restrained string theories, and debates on opaque or dark matter-energy as a face saving idea for older theories like the big bang- may become less relevant and even obsolete. But the process of such enquiry does not mean while in the flesh of the experience of this quasi-ideal realm that our laws of physics is unintelligible.

I post these as a afterthought and raw in the special use of mine and the general language so I would not stress my eyes typing to day in a dark hallway in the coffee shop - as a photograph. Notice the actual making of cardboard models was useful to more easier grasp these principles (and even beyond the five fold symmetries of which so much in Rowlands I seem to have anticipated provided we have a sort of more general idea of quasics and the dimensionality of space. Very little of my general view needed modification. It is a measure of the adaptability of our minds that physicists- such as Feynman on internal symmetries or the author cited in the reference frame blog of Lubos around today.

Perhaps this makes clearer my earlier distinction and acceptance of the physical possibility of compactification and what I call flangelation to relate with it for the universe in general.

One consequence of this view is that the cliche marvels of science fiction beyond the space opera of eternal love and war holds less fascination and perhaps for a generation less of a positive drive to explore the toys of technology.

"Heah, boss, rustle up a quirt to train them young mustangs..."

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