Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gold, Silver, Copper (AuAgCu)

Gold, Silver, Copper (AuAgCu)

There was a lot of conversation with friends yesterday including their special health problems or their work in the early days of computers before those problems. So I did not write much, but some of the ideas clicked on this concept of a transition or other metal being the catalyst for the first life on earth. These thoughts are a little less than the intricate genetics of things- but why not a simple answer. Also I voted, and shopped, did a little photography, had some rather interesting dreams- one of which was vague and scientific but for the life of me even trying I could not recall the three words used to describe the ideas nor what the g k k = g g k was about on that deep level which also had to do with the personality of people (I mention it because it may come to me, or may have relevance to the things I write in the background like reading this post may be as frustrating ad trying to recall such a dream beyond say any lucid method of doing so. I do not think off hand it has anything to do with say quarks- yet they can be seen as point-like or even string-like without divisibility or very divisible as a "quasic" pixel.

The issue is auto-immune diseases which like embryonic development forms the layers of bone and muscle and skin and so on. Lupus or Rheumatoid arthritis for example. It has to do with the article on stem cells early on read differently perhaps by a virus (newscientist yesterday I think). In any case many metals on that shell of the periodic table (recall I do not permit its extension beyond 120 in this incarnation of the universe anyway)... certainly there are iron and copper based bloods- and some metals, even arsenic, are essential to life- but in the proper and individuals specific and age specific amounts. I assumed zinc was important and googled it to find out how it was but too much can deplete copper. Of course a little lower down on the table we find a dimension of toxicity, Mercury, or depletion of Iodine. In any case Manganese seems out of everyone's diet now in sufficient quantities.

I will think more on this systemic with the emphasis on stem as a developmental geometry over the lifespan of an individual organism. Life is short enough as it is as to deal with such global and painful problems and meds there waiting for them of vague side effects as I saw yesterday my friends bright then growing fatigued or with the sensitivity like the leaves of fall to the length of day- migraine free but ready for their long winter's hibernation inside. Here also I find it absurd that one cannot see that string theory ideas apply as well.

In a way let us not forget brain growth and development and the ideas so developed for it seems a similar pattern.

* * *

I found a good table of isotopes listed- something I want to get a count of and see similar but deeper patterns akin to the 120 cell electric atom pattern variation of the configuration usually by differences in temperature.

Let us also recall that these particular elements may not after all beyond a certain point have a mechanism to come into existence known- even in the supernovas.

I also am thinking more about the illusions of spin from a linear path motion- and how the knight moves in higher chess reflect this- and after all how perhaps our mathematics has not sufficiently understood those points between dimensions where at least in a finite based system what is circular motion and what is linear motion may truly be interchanged.

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The weather is nice- and I noticed I ate some red meat with a craving and it was good but I cannot say I miss steak for example. So I am in a pleasant philosophical mood. I was planning to post an idea or experience related to the non-relationship relationship with my neighbor who stares up at me from a distance and all week we have tried to ignore each other. It is a question of studying light really, I mean this time of year the sun bounces off my window and for about ten minutes it lights up her kitchen where in her gown, reading, she got up and went into the other room- you see, when I close the blinds she opens all of them. OK, just read and ignore and not try to be involved or mean. BTW my Zane Gray book for now is not called under the light of western stars but The Light of Western Stars.

What then is the end of a series of poems speculating on seeing and being seen but not for whatever reason no meeting in the flesh? What is this realm where our irregular schedules coincide? Well, our eyes met and I did not turn away- it was as if we are friends but at an impossible distance or barrier yet we know that self imposed or also by fate a resolution to what one may desire but cannot be. But the point I want to express is that such understanding clearly was communicated and that there was no conflict in the unspoken words but understanding and more importantly that each of our souls in privacy and depth acknowledge our caring but independence.

I am not that happy with learning about certain people in the local government who being in a battered relationship gave me advice only from their viewpoint and their hobby of working to set up such a climate as if in principle but not in all cases they bully and batter others, and support Lies even for their agenda. This is as bad as those who dominated and controlled by the willful they convert to belief in their captors- sort of the Swedish syndrome. Where are the healthy people in the changes of governing?

Such were my thoughts when I posted first on facebook some of these comments:

Elizabeth Hoffmann But even though you are still (if not more) broke, you get the satisfaction of having your bills paid (most of them at least) :-D
about an hour ago ·

L. Edgar Otto Or if you go grocery shopping and not have to worry about adding it up or putting things back and it still comes out surprisingly cheaper- forget the law of nature that everything costs a little more than what you can did up of change in the couch and now you do not stoop to pick up a shiny nickel on the sidewalk even if you drop it.
about an hour ago ·

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Jamie Gifford It would have been my fathers 51st birthday today... I miss you daddy!! R.I.P

Mallory Nickol my moms bday is next week and she would have been 50 :( im sure they are celebrating together :)

L. Edgar Otto At a distance, between eyes that see and care convey bittersweet sorrow, love our private words between each their independent and private paths unspoken...After all, it is so easy to see you, Angel :-)

* * *

Jamie UtphallTacey Hadley: My student is reading this book and highly recommends it as a crash course in philosophy. Are you interested? House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) (9780470316603): Henry Jacoby, William Irwin: Books

Tacey Hadley yes!

L. Edgar Otto I saw the movie- and it has romance and rather accurate science as we apply logic to the unknown in the diagnosis of our imperfections, if that is the cure is not worse than the illness.

* * *

Carrie Thomas I hope it's ok Leonard, if I use this lovely photo for my profile pic :)

L. Edgar Otto Of course, I make no claims of ownership of these photos- the original is you and yours...For me, God cannot make a Straoavarious without Stratovari...I was glad to be a part of capturing smiles and something of everlasting beauty in the razor edge of the present moment to the depth where all such moments if we deeply feel them are alive.

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