Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Brief Return Reflexion to Ulla:

A Brief Return Reflexion to Ulla:


Of course the hexagons are part of the diamond lattice- unless they are flat thus zero probability and organic aromatic principles (also found on buckyball surfaces)

For my connection with Fermi surfaces I offer you only the photo of my blog on
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_UF6vrnsBd3U/S4q-6V6W1LI/AAAAAAAAAaM/k8U6iIMS5_A/s1600-h/supersympx.jpg to show the geometry- but the depth of my understanding then is a little obsolete.

Rowlands points out in DNA there can be alternative ways to stack it with four ways to understand where the sugar goes

Nitrogen and in NH3 could certainly be a source of quantum flux in a mental or organic system or between synapses according to Wolfe.

The vibration state if a carbon atom (methane and so on) has 15 possible ones observed. Where is the 16th (presumed superimposed)? But I see this as a matter of geometry and Venn logic.

On should really see a carbon like structures as the five points of a four dimensional simplex (made of triangles).

Such ideas may be had to see but easy to intuit so pardon if we are not on the same particle length :-) your interest in all this impresses me very much.

This link may be of general interest to you too.


I guess I should index stuff here as it was so much to try to find, but pictures help.


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http://pesla.blogspot.com/2010/09/synthetic-engine.html in answer to Ulla's recent comment:

Due to the length if posting a reply to Ulla's comment on a recent post I elect to post the answer here as the comments accept less than 4096 characters.


I am quite honored by your dialog and interest but I do not claim any credentials on this. The term quantum mysticism is from the language from reading and I do not mean to use it in a negative way.

Here was a recent link on prozac and miRNA


it lead to a speculation that on this level of the chemistry one in theory could make genetic algorithms to explain on a deeper level such balances- yet I do not buy the superficial idea of chemical imbalances in general. But part of the picture certainly relates to our genetic endowment and aging difference from our initial stem cells- for example less limb regeneration.

There was a recent article saying that if we accept the idea of a completely empty vacuum it solves the dark matter concepts- then again so can other things like a spinning universe.

I was a little tired to post the links in this informal blog and cannot find the recent references at the moment. I assume these ideas are accessible somewhere- but it was the first that someone else said against thousands of years of tradition that maybe beneath a quantum flux idea is an absolute nothingness.

Lubos has a post today discussing anti-matter and anti-gravity which does assert we do not understand basic algebra of minus signs and complex numbers so fail to see the restrictions on the ideas (what he calls consistency akin to my intelligibility of how math fits the universe). While he states the problems clearly I think there are deeper answers for this matter- a point where we still need philosophy. That is the "why" as you say.

I imagine we can levitate in a sense- only and half jokingly one has to keep the object still and move the rest of the universe:-)

I am looking at things in terms of 1's and 0's the assembly code under the DNA where we can debate if there is negative time matter or space or try to sort out these contradictions. If a is a and we believe it then we may lean more to the right of things instead of Hegel that a is not a. Of course, there are electrons and positrons. I myself am not comfortable with the idea of Dirac's filled vacuum explanation for things.

From the religious view on the level we now can imagine it I think it is possible that we can describe what happens when we die in terms of higher states (as in the science fiction Stargate Universe for example when species reach some idea of ascension.)such that it may be easier to show some state toward some idea of heaven concretely rather than what we cannot show about the existence of some form of God. "Why" do we imagine such things? But the Trinity idea certainly seems to apply to such ideas and geometry of space and quarks and such, that is the overall form is compelling.

Yes, you enquiry as to matter to shore up quantum theories seems a reasonable method- Penrose showed how quantum physics may be equally described in terms of consciousness or material elements and balances these views elegantly.

I am not insisting miRNA or any other form is the central answer to biology but it seems to me likely a part of the picture. All I did was suggest a chain code of four bases for the 64 codons that we make the stuff but come to realize nature already did this experiment aeons ago. But in the four base system GUAT one has to read every other color.

I have not looked into the parts of your article that describe micro structures like for example the microtubiles? theories but these should be intelligible too.

I suggest also in the abstract that given say six things in any form of relationship and at a profoundly fundamental level (what is going on inside the space of zero probability) that some of the ideas of group theory apply and we can enumerate them. These are a little difficult to understand even as Euclidean n-dimensional geometry (of Coxeter) let alone apply to the heart of DNA chemistry.

I will try to find clearer references. I am not sure what drives you to this fine effort but I think you are doing a very good job.


and I will add this- I am not clear what your term perpendicular magnetism but I find it interesting and may somewhat discrete in concept like lines from the sun and I agree there must be more forms if it- that is I think I have a sneak peek at your intuitions here :-)

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I wonder if our work is ever to be finished and do we really want that- I find Lubos shining as I leave the public computer today:


I left him this comment:


I read some on this earlier today- but your post here makes it much more exciting and significant. It could be something rather geometric is happening here - it reminds me of the analogy of a rubber band and DNA where the state of things in one case or the other snaps back when stretched or back to being stretched- where is that transition point? Your presentation is in careful speech- but who is to say that there is not some analogy to a deeper uncertainty principle here- the unity of strings that just as well could be interpreted as particles?

The PeSla


  1. I think your Lubos picture is quite good.

    Perpendicular magnetism is two magnetic fields meeting each other in 90 degrees.

    I have read my whole life, and Stories of Nature is so fascinating, then I want to link them in a good way that explain the physiology.

    At basement for my interest is self-healing properties and how it is done. In this search for some kind of better truth I have been forced to leave many traditional explanations behind and find new ways. I want to share my wievs, if so only in a blog. Maybe some day I will write a book about these Stories.

    Thanks for the miRNA link. I have quite a big interest in mitochondrios.

  2. Look in this great book p 69

    miRNA is a 'language'.

  3. Ulla,

    A very interesting book with a most interesting viewpoint. (from what I could read of the pages).

    I do think of linguistics as a hobby up there with the rest like physics and music.

    Yes, these molecules do seem to be a language, in fact a social and survival language. The honeybee section I feel should emphasize the chromosome structure of which the hive is as if a single organism and the double chromosomes make for a coherent more matriarchal society which in us primates are a metaphysical or mythical influence on our socialization in the background.

    But this particular minor theory of miRNA is more of a sub-language. It is thought for example that the shift of phenemes (units of meaning and units of sound) may have deeper structures than the apparent phonemenes as the shifts from t to d and so on. Thus sub-phonemes. Or alternatively, one can imagine a proton as composed of deeper sub-particles or structures (quarks or partons- a word I use as does Matti for a geometric view.)

    Of course between these cooperative communications we do not always have an explicit match of the idiom on the various physical levels, proteins, RNA, DNA expressed encoding and so on - yet remarkably we can in our actual spoken and written languages make connections wider than what seems to be the compass of what mere molecular structures may carry.