Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is Existential Information Conserved ?

Is Existential Information Conserved ?

* * * Thoughts on this on the next day:

As far as Physics goes I see a little clearer what concerns me in these issues in the background, and it seems the concerns that are there for all of us curious about the world and to what extent our minds mirror or make that world.

What after all is the ultimate concern of scientists? Certainly the Creationists see the role of God as the simple answer, Okham razor like, as the Ultimate Concern and supplier of "meaning" in our lives and world.

Two things, I now have become aware of in thinking about the vague metaphysical propositions of this post, stand out as the debate as to if science is indeed a superior way, perhaps a rational way, to see the world over the other world views.

*1 - The issue at the remote principles and physicality of the universe that we can after all have a comprehensive and complete physical theory of everything (we can make assumptions for this like my Omnium taken on a more or less verified trend as a matter of faith) or that in principle the fact and understanding of this is way beyond us save in our local intelligible sphere of being.

*2 - Where the laws of the universe are not as rigid as we propose and suspect the question of "Where does the (quantum) information go into black holes?" more and more becomes a dawning principle of philosophy in the physics of vacuum and scale. That is how something like mini-black holes relate to the big evolving picture.

We have to ask within the universe itself as if it were something like a black hole and at every point and points in points- where does the information go? In the world itself are we clear that it can vanish- or perhaps rebound- and it is so far out there not to ask, at least as multi-verse, that it can go elsewhere?

The quality of my writing and our understanding sometimes seems less because we are aware that something more is needed for a theory, some principle or mechanism, and it is evidence of our trying even if it a mere best copy of our dreams that may reflect some sea of chaos or crystal city of ideas.

But in the sea of fateful ideas, are the laws of probability sound enough to will the war for a unified theory when the victory can be shown too often to depend on the fact that perhaps vanishingly we have to lose the battle of our uniqueness of souls? Is this not a rather paranormal type of experiment? What we believe may only seem like the truth by consensus? What sort of time are we in when our leaders in answering the question was the war in Iraq worth it (for those who were lost and served) if the answer is that it depends on if the mission continues to be a success for the stability of the region? If it goes into chaos will they have been sacrificed in vain? This is rather like the card reading by Dr. Rhine of Duke where what later of the experiments told or not to those doing them influenced the outcome. That is if they scored high on the next card after their guess. The fixing and revision of history is not as simple as we might suppose. Indeed, it does not take a personal faith to know those rare mystical moments when the universe adapts to your real dreams rather than you to it- but it takes a certain rationality or awareness of it to know within the commands of our dreams if the voices we hear are real or not- or if that even matters.
* * *

I do not know when she stares at me from her window if she is afraid, full of love, or just curious at what I am doing. Well, she smiled and said something (I could not hear of course in the distance) but I doubt if we met and talked for coffee or something that our connection as other and at a distance would make our link change.

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