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Neoteric Cognitive Linguistics

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Another comment inspired by the reference frame blogspot today:

there is great appeal to a unified world where the laws of physics are immutible and matter is immortal. In some ways what the authors say may be true or part of the picture and in other ways the deeper laws of physics as sometimes you suggest- may not be general enough and even exceed the sensibility of string theories. After all Einstein rejected Weyls idea that even in an atom things change over time, the mass depending on the history- but in some super space certainly that could happen and yet seem constant here.
The PeSla
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And a comment to:

This is a clear and most excellent post and viewpoint. Thank you.

Of course for me the evidence is all around us as if the air we breathe and do not notice. All in a way is a miracle compared with nothingness. The string theories and topology as well as our notions of energy for me is the same description of at least our local reality.


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Thoughts on facebook after being drawn into the current events and perhaps emotional arguments with the poet Sultan Ratrout:

L. Edgar Otto I admit that since Katrinia and the loss of thousands of poems and hundreds of songs and sentimental photos and items saved for my children I fight the wish to see him dead- he who also sent my book of Mormon and annotated Quorans from my Pakistani friend on Philosophy chat in 95 to the landfill.

L. Edgar Otto I wonder if it is better as in the West to celebrate Mardi Gras before our discipline and pentatence and not after as in Islam whom after growing struggle and depression dance in the streets in joy escaping back from the sins deep down Burbon street- unfortunately so near the anniversary of the bondfires of the towers resting on the soon broken leveys thought to control the natural flow of truth and blind desire?

L. Edgar Otto One cannot burn the Quoran anymore than one can waste time... one just wastes their lives. The higher conflict between Christianity and Islam could result in the vanishing of religion as we know it and the whole edifice set on so small and ancient Jewish tribal laws- Free speech is also the right not to hear. Nor is there an obligation to withold the truth.

But really, what is a disaster to one who has already lost everything? Certainly not one who may care to obey any superficial rule of law. Even the legitimate leaders can be far from the people and the masses suffer for their silent compromises as the state seeks to limit, tax and fine, their assembly seen as upsurping by the mob its power. The honest soul aware of its suffering will bare the cross of change and war and suffer most of all.

So I suppose our emotions go deep in these matters of which it is not easy nor advisable to discuss even from an intellectual viewpoint... There are more important things we have to do in life than waste it in these subtle and futile debates of blindly prostelizing as if commanded to do so by brute force of will or chains. While it may be true in a sense like there is no hell that means more than the death by separation from the Father, we can imagine in this wide and growing world under the nothingness is a flow we may obey of voices as Evil and eternal fire of irreversible punishment, yet what is rational and human in us knows better than to head the lies of false voices. Surely the gods do not expect us to defend the faiths with equality for evil.

I know that there are those who do not want to, need to, nor can stand the truth- as always even with the Prophets that know in his admitedly doubtful election and heart what seems reasonable only known by the ancients or of the God. Be warned then dear reader before you begin this journey where the sciences may surprisingly catch up to the wisdom and errors of our hearts.

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Neoteric Cognitive Linguistics

*1 The hidden structures in the design of a language is more important for cognition and behavior than the words themselves.

*2 The question of fate, election, and a personal God, can be felt or influenced by historically inhereited cognitive language states (most likely tied to genome storage mechanisms primarily).

*3 The depth of such wisdom is only as good as the genetic endowment of the perceiver/messenger and may transcend as ultimate concern save for special people in cultures and contexts of events, the languages.

*4 Despite the core forms of language, spoken and written, the diverse designs have intelligible meaning such that they diverge and interact in a logical manner.

*5 A religion helps delineate a culture and people such that it aids their survival, if it adapts and explains questions for a generation so persists and the culture and people self-sustaining.

*6 The cultural coloring by language, ther permits distinguishing that indistinguishable and is so discerned to some extent may override the first of one's language and inheretence.

*7 In the sea of humanity cognitive notions between them may operate behind or beneath awareness to the extent the existence of one soul in isolation or removed from the context of humanity and existence will deteract from the intelligibility of the whole. Individuals matter.

*8 To the limits of mechanisms of faith and language a unique and intelligible design persists beyond what is of it in an individual or species so vanished may thus independently recurr.

*9 The truth of the prophetsd extends well beyond this small sphere, universally, and this is not clearly defiend that there are multiple and varied copies of the prophets or all are one individual.

*10 Nor is it clear the separate styles of prophets are the same or different individually although in a universe of places outside of time, these enlightened individuals may communicate to each other across time, but to say states are higher or lower, before or after in time is not clear save in the design of history view from and determined by the present moment.

*11 A loss of earlier states of faith where between worlds and freely so, may close scriptures or the cosmic encoding of the era only locally and in a world of actions and responsibility for them remains open unto the realization of God, a God who grows in scope and meaning as if that philosopher's god as His image comes closer to approaching the nothingness.

*12 Efforts of the domestication and husbandry of faith and the faithful may remain assertions by empty words. Only to which the fulfillment of spirit cannot be destroyed- nor in the end the Truth empty even unto the deaf.

*13 A linguistic war is as much a racial as cultural war and when paths and styles are eliminated, bias and opression is there to rise up again among those whom are left.

*14 The next level of spiritual warfare will not be to change or silence hearts, but will be waged on a higher level as if magic or the supernatural between hearts where in the end the strong and compassionate in wisdom are the victory of the Good and this the only style and fact of war that matters in unspoken conflict.

*15 The resolution of such war. beyond and before and what might have been as history is in the hereafter of all history where religion like a language has absolute and diverse forms which leads to a God (and at least to be shown, Heaven) access to symbolic universal truths far greater than our first clear religious understandings and ideas of but a physical/material limited cosmos.

*16 Just as memory is set in the nothingness so too this God saves the infinite variations of all things and all potentials of each soul as where we discern the hidden scriptures resloved uniquely beyond any imposed pattern of interpretation there is meaning more than the language of the best within us approaching Hod and even as babes we evolve and work no lies to toss into ourselves a bottomless pit of dying fires.

*17 The Trinitarian view, space of three dimensions, the three quarks of a nucleon, as a progressive objective particle generational analog of the evolution of the Godhead and the individual realization of these onion shell layers of His persons, is neither monotheistic nor polytheistic but a unity unto the ground of being that is mirrored by the levels and stages of the core religions of the People of the Book...This trinity is reflected in semantic word structure of consants trippled as the Greek philosophy element is the differentiation and introduction of words as interactive labels also of vowels.

*18 These essential triune and creative design ideas were first given me in questions posed to the Creator of physics on physics and slowly understood such that science and religion may be said to catch up to what the other lacks, and asked in a state of Prayer.

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Thoughts later today:

I might add that my experience of the ability say to recognize a foreign alphabet seems somehow to be ingrained according to my recent ancestors. After all a natural language like Hungarian is easier to learn than say even the best artificial languages.

This hardly compares with the totally different first baby language of Lithuanian to the grown up tongue.

So here is Obamba's take on the matter...

Here is the article on newscientist I just read (Lubos must have heard about it) But from my view the laws were not uniform across the universe because they are quasi-uniform for the states of matter and laws of physics vary (uniformly) across the cosmos for "quasar" like creative objects.
Nor for that matter with the creative principles of chirality am I surprised about the direction and axis- the laws and constants may change intelligibly and sometimes to higher states radically if we say for example the first stars were hydrogen. But as to the saying we have a special place int he cosmos where laws are favorable to us- that is just a watered down anthropocentric argument wherein as said by Hoyle- perhaps there was not one big bang but many little bangs in his book electrons, nuclei, and quasars....

Let us see this idea in light of such universal constants and physical laws and also apply it to the idea of the laws of language and its structure in specific thoughts and general mechanisms of cognition in our heads.

Does half an apple (4D) give us half a worm? I am still trying to find the article that suggests that a universal grammar is not all the picture but old cognitive language coloring perception has some effects as that pendulum of debate swings- on the way I found this interesting and cosmically relevant article:

well, there is so much in the Chomsky and sapir whorf debate but the article I saw suggested experimental hints of evidence that both ideas apply to human language.

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