Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lubos of the Reference Frame Discusses Hawking

Rather than start from an original posting here to tie up some ideas especially on information and the DNA (thank you Ulla for your article and interest on it and pointing out how radical the idea seems especially to those who say quantum theory did not seem to apply on that level of things say entanglement between the codon bases) But in a more unified physics we should expect a lot of ideas to be related where we thought they were not.


Looks like I posted on this issue a couple of posts before you, but I did wonder what your take on Hawking's book would be. Interestingly he would add some faith to M-theory and so on.

I for one think that M-theory and the like can actually be used to support the belief in a greater and personal Creator God.

Find God in hidden places? Well, I suspect that place is where from some reverse direction of time (actually a couple of them depending on what is on the surface or depth of space structures)

that the eternal black holes that do not evaporate persist in preserving the information (see that recent article on, it is close to mine in requiring again the idea of an absolute vacuum and not just

some vague quantum or Higgs flux. Or the article where perhaps there is something wrong with probability and quantum theory, Laplace suggested an alternative, not disprove God.

Perhaps it is not the "mind of God" of which Hawking speculated upon or talked about now that he says there is no theory of everything. A hidden place, and it does not take deep mathematics to understand

the mechanisms and notions, is likely where we should not ask if a neutrino is Majorana or not, for it could be in between or both with respect to some surfaces.

It is not a choice between Creator or Multiverse- where does the information go? It can be imagined to go beyond the whole picture if particles as multiple containers may be clearly absolute vacua in parts? Does the

eternal proton decay even if it could? It certainly behaves well in its interactions. But we as creatures where they are just beginning to understand the nature of information in the DNA involving entanglement and

decoherence- at last to see quantum theory in it although there is much more than that- we as organic creatures may indeed store our memories in systems much deeper than chemicals or wiring.

As I said in my post- Hawking was our last great modern physicist and first great postmodern physicists. But his understanding of string theory seems to me to bounce back mangled.

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