Saturday, September 18, 2010

Purge of Citizen Soldiers

Purge of Citizen Soldiers

I was going to make this a long and detailed essay about my ongoing treatment as a veteran, not disabled and honorably served. I may add more when I see the (non-)reaction of my statesmen and bureaucracy. More than the military itself the Veteran's Administration tears apart families and even mindf**ks our best and brightest. How many recruiters do you know like the one who called up my son's mom saying if they could not talk to him she was not a patriot? How many hid the fact of extensive prescription drug use and filled their quotas (no wonder so many come back with mental confusion leading to their opting out of the gene pool.

Forgive my rant, but it is hard to believe any of the lies by any party and these things do detract despite my 99% curse of emotional stability from my studies.

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Ulla made a great reply to my comment on the brain sides, look for that dialog on zone-reflex blogspot. I would post it here but I did not post the first comment. I note also that I talked with the poet Sultan on this left and right brain difference but will not post that long item- in terms of Whorf hypothesis being more emphasized on one side. Also a recent article I saw today of a region in the pre-frontal lobe that shows those who are more aware or monitor their own mental states and thus more likely to take a certain drug.

And the miRNA link there to explain the deeper mechanism of Prozac.

One more I saw today, the idea of the shadows expected from the Big Bang not seen everywhere so to question that theory- and yet from one perspective of many would it not be the case that a more Tang like treatment of such abstract objects is what is to be expected in that universe (ultranscontinuum) where not all part of the brain sleeps at the same time nor the laws appear the same?

I note that one side hearing an old scary radio talk show can evoke fear and the other not (through a mono ear phone)- perhaps words or lies do effect us on one side or the other like this in politics.

Ulla, I understand you saying there is no difference in psychology and physiology and I think I see how you mean it- not overly reductionist I suspect. But again, the shadows as well the mental energy are not necessarily unified and total awake or asleep, conscious or subconscious- and quantum theory while it is a breakthrough it can be shown to apply, is not enough to explain the deeper theory of everything of our minds.

Note the article on a spider that makes a model of itself to fool the predators. I wrote on facebook to this: Is that not what we mean by representative government?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me :)

    Why the psychology and physiology is the same is that both works through the same mechanisms. A psychological state as shadows and mental energy creates somewhat different molecules and use somewhat different molecular paths/machines than a normal state. Another way to say the same is to say you are stressed. Stress is so misunderstood too. It is everything that invokes on you. Stress keeps you alive, percepting, reacting. It is everything about energy states. But a constant stress makes you sick, because you cannot relax.

    In biology we use different names, different signal molecules for different energy states.

    Even a memory, say of abusement as a child, although you don't remember it, it is there and invoke on your chemistry.

    So we can in fact change the chemistry of our bodies through psychology, or through physiology, as touch, reflexes etc. This is nothing peculiar.