Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tangy Symmetrical N-body Spaces

Tangy Symmetrical N-body Spaces (Threesomes)

I am not sure I agree with the physicists, such as Lincoln on the dalnet philosolphy chat forum, or for that matter Rowlands, with the sentiment that physics as such is more primary than an interesting mathematics to describe it. I suppose there is something in the beauty of the mathematics itself that would justify itself in its own right- but surely over a wide compass these must correspond or should on some level of generalization.

I ask myself then can there be a simple 3D and fractal like description for the programming of the general idea of such paths (or for that matter the classification of any Yangian like entity in any natural dimension). This seems to be the case is we hold the idea that three space is not so rigidly special as many hints indicate such as particle generations or shifting neutrinos- that maybe there are not dimensions as such to be three or even in a reality before us nine that we can see all at once (nature may see them as if hidden dimensions.) So we can describe a sequence of coordinates by some number of axes but these can shift between what we may describe as other generations at each point. I am not sure such a simple procedure is comprehensive enough to classify all such structures. Nor that these structures we imagine.

Certainly Lubos idea of a double string like object in LHC data can be seen as basic compressed or compacted topological structures which certainly makes an intelligible connection to a universal design, for me even to that of the four foldness of the teleomeres as diagrammed in Ulla's post. This can go on for any number of quasic dimensions, not just the apparent limit or restrictions to 6 or 8, nor the mirrors we imagine as complex space. The relativistic pancake can be a tube as well as a spherical top in rotation- and the ends, whichever why they logical relate at either end, certainly arise from the topology as if the fractal reading of the content of the DNA and what in the expression or delays of its information. I mean such objects are more explicitly shown to have analogs in space to the design of organic ones.

Of course we need a deeper level at the structure of the base itself and the hidden geometry we will find there.

So on sciencechatforum the article asks if string theory is dead. Lincoln suggests that while general relativity is not perfect eventually the quantum theories will develop to incorporate it for a final explanation despite the math of ideas of the string theory. Of course this idea is one from someone with the world view of what the tool of the collider capable of finding. Still, the use of M-theory to say there is not a theory of everything (Hawking)if that theory is dead, then would not the lack of God it implies in this rather quaint retro theory of spontaneous creation show that it is the theory such quantum physicists dislike that is dead and not the God is Dead (Nietzsche's idea is one of thermodynamics and how we understand it anyway) Can we have such incompatible theories in a wider mental space that can incorporate them? While we know what we need to believe, as in a religion, and know we cannot believe such and such- we cannot see the deeper reasons behind belief itself other than perhaps a sense of complacency and safety to the level of our evolved mentality we have achieved. Such questions, as for now a theory of everything, is beyond the local and limited inputs of doubt or acceptance or even good weight and balance, philosophically. But certainly emotional space can be evoked and made a point from which to counter arguments.

The logical direction and conclusion of Lincoln's notion will be that the quantum theory itself will be incorporated and rendered obsolete to something greater. But this is just one interpretation and viewpoint of many simultaneously possible and real. But such evidence of these tangy sorts of design, as say holonic or my quasic system can be right before us and not seen for what it means- after all that has been the case all along, and the case also where the vague concepts have been abused into some sort of mysticism or buried under poor practice and engineering of maths.

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