Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perpendicular Magnetism (Ulla's metaphor in my dreams)

Perpendicular Magnetism (Ulla's metaphor in my dreams)

I really do not have much to say today- but I did have an idea upon awakening from an ordinary but very colorful and intense dream. I had gone out under the awning in the rain and smoked an American Spirit cigarette and thought about what ever Ulla could mean by Perpendicular Magnetism. Perhaps it is a metaphor for what this find constellation of theoreticians on the blogspots all seem to be saying and apparently some new sort of physics may be coming from the LHC. Whatever it is it seems to ring a bell with us here or touch some nerve which may be the establishment more receptive to our views. This is my facebook status today:

L. Edgar Otto ‎"The cool air, fragrant with pine and spruce and some subtle tang, sweet and tonic, made Madeline stand erect and breathe slowly and deeply. It was like drinking of a magic draught. She felt it in her blood, that it quickened its flow." The Light of Western Stars by Zane Gray pg. 240 Origin of my string-like physic...s term en-TANG-lement. The LHC has apparently found new physics even they did not expect.

I just got a reply on this:

Ron Kollman So.............What's your point Leonard...............??
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L. Edgar Otto
This refers to my physics blog and the lack of terms for new ideas so I chose tang as quark was cottage cheese- obviously this is not just seen as orange juice- but some ideas are so clear if we put them in terms deep in our minds we are all familiar with. Zane Gray is about the landscape and romance and he is American for a source of terms. If black holes can have hair is a good physics term for "evaporation" then a clear picture of more than expected connected particles at the so called beginning of the universe- well tangs can show multiple.

Ulla, if you read this I am a fan of Jung and synchronicity. The only problem I see is that his model of the mind was a thermodynamic one- and such dreaming into the near future is after all natural physics. But the symmetry or concepts of thermodynamics are not yet worked out enough to pin it down as physics rather than psychology.

On the other hand Jung did analyze the dreams of a quantum physicist who imagined some sort of clock work with three instances of the number 32. (those in the know will see the importance of this number as in unification of electricity and magnetism.

Of course the problem is that (actually new scientist yesterday had an interesting article on the vanishing of higher dimensions in the small such that things are linear- certainly and idea that relates to the new LHC findings- but there is more as if some other perpendicularity of what dissipates or congregates of independent geometrical forces- this level of math I suspect is more about transfinite numbers than dimensions per se. I think what you are referring to is the mystery of the flipped electrons in a shell spinning for overall magnetism. But what do we do with the problem of monopoles? I too have this "parton" or shell view of things as still valuable. Regardless of complex space- and even if in the abstract the axiom of such positive spaces (as Lubos said of even antimatter) that two 3D spaces can intersect in a point (something I called trinx long ago but it can involve three players).

Anyway, the dream:

I went into an old dusty book store and an old former friend was running it whom I have avoided for a long time because of disputes over who owned wax for the candles we made some of which he sold in his store.

We did not about that directly but he made sure I could see his back kitchen candle factory and instead of the usual dull earth colors he had the most intricate designs in miniatures many of which were derived from my designs and some that even evolved way beyond my concepts of geometry and candle shapes.

"Well, you can look at the books but I guess you are not going to by anything are you?" "On the contrary" I replied thinking he always wants 90% of everything and I a glad the time I could offer 50% did not work out, "I was looking for some old books by Zane Gray- one in particular that someone had removed some of the illustrations."

But he pointed a few isles over- but I came across two old 1918 engineering books, the first was an earlier edition that was falling apart but I found a most interesting section and description of things as physics was seen before the war. I put it back and he said- be careful with the binding, set it back level. But I knew I could afford both books to compare them later at my ease as the broken one was much cheaper.

In the dream I bagged them, paid for them, and walked out down the street. I was thinking about the description of magnetism in the book with inverse square laws and vertexes and how in a way there is something perpendicular to things that is not so in the sense that say a forth dimension is perpendicular to all three perpendiculars of the other three dimensions. I thought to myself I dreamed this last night and I should go post it and tell the bloggers for in that dream I told the book store owner that I had dreamed last night what I would read in that book so I had to check it out. Only when I woke up did I realize I was in a dream. The first thought that occurred to me when the fog lifted was :That if our dreams in a sense on some level are as simple as magnetic fields (induction and so on of which I do not see it that simple) then to be in a dream talking about a deeper dream is not a bad description for the term "Perpendicular Magnetism".

* * *

After reading Lubos post today I had to make another comment on the previous post on the LHC data:


There are many of us like the learned young Lubos and an old lifelong amateur like me who certainly expect some things or Nearly a Theory of some things and are not that surprised.

The transition metals recently are suggested to be the catalyst for initial life on this planet and beyond certain elements, in recent articles, even supernovas cannot be the reason we observe some higher elements.

For those who understand say the representation of 57 dimensions, would we not exceed that in the collision of two copper atoms counting the nucleons? What happened to the speculation on preons for example in such a plasma at the so called beginning of the universe?

Maybe we overshot the idea of the standard model and some sort of relativity in arranging our expensive expert experiments toward such extremes when nature will eventually tell us otherwise. (this is not to say Lubos you shouldn't take to task those who have some sort of confusion as to what science is with their biases and claims of global warming- as in your post after this one)

Perhaps I should give my intuitions a rest and apply a healthy skepticism as Lubos has done on the fundamental mathematical traps and data for global warming to this LHC data. After all this whole question of vanishing dimensions in an article yesterday suggests things may not even be two dimensional for example in terms of loop quantum gravity.


* * *

Ulla, I added a picture or logo to the perpendicular magnetism idea because along with you and our Finnish Geometer friend I rather see some connection between this sort of data- but I find it perhaps a logical space rather than the usual applications of geometry and such. In my more radical view and I do feel strong about the validity of string theory, the standard theory, and even the big bang, from some viewpoint can be seen as central to physics. We need a wider perspective.


  1. I forgot to add the idea as expressing, and yes embarrassingly so at times in clear innuendos that the alternative cosmological model of the cyclic branes (over the inflation like models) colliding- when it comes down to describing the vectors as rather like a cigar shape and two spheres... well, need I say more. Still, the picture of it gave me a good laugh seeing this structure described in a popular and technical formal book on the model.

  2. I must laugh, this was funny :D

    I like dreams myself, and Jung and his interpretations. I also often have funny dreams, and very often they are telling me some kind of truth, but never directly.

    As in your case, two books of different size and quality, old, some even fall apart, perpendicular dimensions...

    Very good.

    Perpendicular dimensions is very akin to hidden dimensions. But then the magnetic fields are otherwise. In perpendicular way the forces are added.

    I have read quite much about magnetism but I still feel unsure of it, very complex. The term 'perpendicular magnetism' is my work-hypothesis, and I don't think it can be used as such.

    I got a special term yesterday too from another scientist; flexomics :) It is related to this.