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The Reductionist's Origin of Life

The Reductionist's (Materialist's) Origin of Life

How interesting the four fold symmetry around the Fe molecule in blood. It should be evident now that the ideas of quasic space and the ideal design of at least the electron configuration of atoms apply very deeply to organic processes and structures. All of those in the string community and in complex analysis should have been able from first principles to predict some of the effects as I will list in links to ScienceDaily.com. Of course there are questions of what is "life force" as force and what if's if the atoms of the universe were antimatter as far as how we would perceive chirality as distinguishibly biased or not- and perceive time flow in a direction or not... but life is not that far from the stuff from which it is made de novo from scratch even if it seems to take a long time... if such metals essential for life are there then life certainly has a force and direction. Where things are hidden (for example sub-conscious or given and evolved master dealing gene shuffling of words) what may seem to vanish in one grid may still endure and even transcend in the superinfluential thus supercausitive effects of existing. To some extent we clearly once having a life system may relate to it and be modified it and modify it psychologically.

Let us not forget the hints of astrophysics- Can elements beyond Iron form in novas? And at silver do we not see a retreat from the preference to fusion over fission? In a sense some place on the periodic table on some quasic structure of space and dimensionality forms a fulcum of mirrors and of intelligible laws of relaxed integration of parts in the whole- real and abstractly.

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"There has been a big problem in the origin of life (theory) for the last 50 years in that you need large protein molecules to be catalysts to make monomers, but you need monomers to make the catalysts," Morowitz says. However, he suggests, "You can start out with these small metal-ligand catalysts, and they'll build up the monomers that can be used to make the (large protein catalysts)."

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Some further thoughts on a dreary drizzly September morning on my facebook status:

L. Edgar Otto On a dreary pseudo-monday a few dreary and pointless thoughts: I never said that some were in a cult (who said that of even close friends upon their born again conversion) - but lately I am beginning to think I should have said that.

L. Edgar Otto Another dreary thought today is how many of my friends seem caught up in proscription drugs, some that should not be used for sleep or normal dealing with life's stresses- they'd rather take them than make love. There should be a law against the effects of second hand proscription drug in the environment and maybe some of us not under the influence also admitted into the university.

L. Edgar Otto If we look too deeply into the myths of others (but I'm sure there is something worthwhile if we look even deeper) we see how shallow our own lives and projects are and appear to others. Videos up do not seem as big a deal as before the experience, nor playing in public. Guess we need myths sometimes to feel alive.

L. Edgar Otto I suppose it does not help with one's self image of existing, in blameless innocence, that we discover that whatever the reasons are for some situation that we are not the cause we as try to explain to ourselves in myth the myths of such thoughts we think we perceive truly in others.

reply to comment for this last item "blame the muses" :

But what is anxiety but defined as the separation from the Father? Or is that the definition of sin. In a way evil as fire beats the dreary pointlessness of existing. The self-deceptive heart must protect its house of lies at all costs. Yes, even the gods were subject to fate and in the muse of lyrae we also find the new constellation of freedom as much the vulture as the eagle.

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A little big of numerology:

So in the molecule in the illustration to this post from ScienceDaily.com I note that Iron 26 and the Hydrogen = 30, and the Oxygen = 56, a hint perhaps of the 57 dimensions and the thirty cubes... and yet counting things this way even as if the quarks I recall the feeling seeing the atom this way in 75 or so that I at last understood the concept of material mass. Then again chemistry always seemed to me to be rather intelligible in its counting of bonds and such or electrons around some atom- hardly a random quantum thing- more like Pauling thinking on dodecahedra.

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I posted this comment this moring to:


I like that you are sensitive to how organically this may relate to what some see as the less scientific aspects of consciousness.

Let us recall Rowlands pointing out that decoherence is entropy. I think some things we imagine as extrasensory will be shown to have such links of sensitivity between people as if we can read directly the DNA.

Again, where the memory is stored in physics that cannot really pin down causality does seem to be stored in the DNA potentially- but if you think about it, as if our uniqueness of soul- it does not vanish or has been known to return in awareness despite the loss because things on this level are deeper than that defined by nerve connections or chemicals or electric fields and the like. That is in such ultimate (beyond chemistry thus beyond quantum ideas) structures the overriding of these structures is not the last word nor that we cannot learn and adapt to them like language.

Free will? well that is after all the acid test of philosophy. You have great insights!

The PeSla

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