Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is the correct title for the current Zane Gray novel I am writing- about on page 192 of 384 or so after the chapter Cowboy Golf. I guess the = sign threw me off. Most interesting the Phaeton effect on the drivers who could move so much faster than the horses.

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Later that day after a clearer dream in a rare afternoon nap I came back to post a rather strange physics metaphor and on the way saw this post to comment upon first:

Hi, Miss Pixie,

I am not fond of a lot of his ideas myself so take them with a grain of salt. Some may have value but there are many more and up to date books along those lines. Glad you found this interest. He was not as friendly for an interview in 95 like say Rudy Rucker or Heinz Pagels who go out of their way to talk with non-students and students. Hofstadter fiction I found too distracting when I was trying to find the meat of the physics. Anyway, thanks long time blog friend.

The PeSla

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Tang - a string like object but it may or may not have ends attached or attached all the time to some concept of a brane like object. In the general space what is a definite opening to some geometric structure, or for that matter an indefinite extent is a rather relaxed condition even of clear entanglement- indeed, we cannot distinguish closed strings with open or half open ones but so far into the reflections on some surfaces and angles in time.

A tang is and has hair in matters of surface ideas of black hole like evaporation. (I hope my reading of Assimov's bawdy limericks lately has not influenced my choice of term here :-) But such a metaphorical space seems to me rather like our ideas of a subconscious- the awake world may seem rational while what is rational in the hidden world may be as if a dream that is not so or so part of the time unseen as if the mass of an atom may change or even evolve and we see it not- unless perhaps this tang complex pops new systems of atoms or particles into real existence.

For three days the very vague and hard to interpret dream- a form today simply said that (as if three types of people in earlier dreams) there is energy, and something else I vaguely see as I think "non-existent energy" and a third which is the topology of systems and spaces itself- which all are intelligible and in the end may be a different description but we cannot determine this from the intelligibility on the surface of things- for now anyway. Along these lines consider my post of earlier today as a comment to Lubos- algebra, geometry and what sort of indefinite space not to rigid for the ultranscontinuum of foundational laws of dimension free dimensionless global and a wide entangled neighborhood of dimensions.

But, as always on a frontier of speculation, I do not yet feel this decisively physics but certainly worthy of posting as what is a given or persistent existing of our own philosophy of science and mind and perhaps the mechanism where such objects as strings, branes, tangs, and dimensions "perceive" the laws of reality.

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