Monday, September 13, 2010

Voodoo Physics (Notions of the Walking Dead)

The illustration is the veranda and not the garden in the yard on a foggy morning where the metaphor mentioned elsewhere in the poems and posts is the place where the flowers like stars and souls blink in and out of existence, and God enjoys as we do some fleeting moment of beauty as the perfect garden as a theory of everything is unobtainable- at least to the extent He limited to quasi-personal human images.

Voodoo Physics (Notions of the Walking Dead)

I realized yesterday discussing Poetry and rhyme with the Sultan that there may be a solution to my latest bottleneck of some of the more romantic notions as metaphysics of these ideas of physics. I will post more later here but keep in mind that perhaps the discussion here is such a romantic notion and a explanation at least for why we make up ideas- especially in speculative fiction- of disembodied brains and the walking dead of zombies. This of course goes back to the quantum like ambiguity of describing the world as material (energy) or consciousness as in that physics the same description; the same questions by St. Aquinas on the cannibal eating another as if his body is the same one to be resurrected at the end-time.

Perhaps there is some deep principle here that may tell us something of physics, new physics, or why we get unclear but romantic ideas as if a needed mirror of some vacuum of which such physics can move within as motion is possible. But motion is not the only evidence needed for a living thing in any object walking dead or alive or that resolved somehow in quantum collapsing unto the classical motions.

What of relativity itself as that which is a reduction wherein energy as motion relative or not is the notion of God- an idea that ultimately asserts the electron moves to make magnetism in the deepest ideas of the symmetry (monopoles and all of Maxwell)? Or perhaps some intuitive idea of motion as a Will opposed to the more feminine aspects of gravity as a falling rather than a thrusting Nordic and macho.

So, maybe from a more primitive view (after all if some ideas may be stored in the nothingness of the vacuum in the DNA or if you will the cosmic or holy memories of a Deity- then why not a material freshly dead body possessed by itself? An eerie uncanny motion possible in search of a brain for enlightenment?

For there is the old debate, among physicists apparently an emotional one and with it the total warfare of demonized one side as crackpots or the other as robots. Are all motions circular as old Aristotle maintained, or are all motions Linear. If motions are totally relative can we really solve this problem of things wound up and winding down energetically yet a little bugger subatomic particle seems all we can do to stop its perpetual motion?

I begin to doubt really that if all the molecules in my coffee cup started moving the same way the coffee would jump out of the cup. I mean a pile of stars or cluster more or less may only seem to spin as I race by them in a straight line from my changing linear view. I mean when you think about it what started the motion of the earth or keeps it going if not this illusion of spin and motion relative to something else deeper than the idea of electricity as vector sphere in all direction or magnetism as some rotating disc?

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