Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Synthetic Engine

The Synthetic Engine

I came back this afternoon to post finally a new idea- otherwise the day was rather boring, that feeling of a blank page or no new directions worth posting. I supose in the back of my mind so to speak a couple of ideas clicked when I was doing artistic dooles and cutting paper objects and taking pictures of their shadows as in the accompaning illustration of the Otto Symbol.

I am sure the references are out there recently on the popular science sites. One involves the link to miRNA and the control of the expression of dopamine in the brain and that unbalanced by over production in the autistic mind. Another related one concerns the innate tendency to post partum depression, or the degree of self awareness of ones state of mind for lit up areas of the prefrontal lobe as to if a person was likely to take their medications. But the other significant one is the transfer of information between parent and offspring. These anayltic things if seen more from an informational viewpoint can be seen from a synthetic viewpoint as if the idea of consciousness were at least understood as an explicit totality on that level. The analytic in a sense is the realm of direct experimental evidence.

But I have speculated that the quadrapole like chain code of 64 codons, a model from first principles, was indeed an experiment already done by nature herself- in fact on this level of the myth or truth of speculation, the miRNA is a that chain encoding I styled the compass. This suggests to me a global picture which in theory may be programmed to undertake the biochemical machinery and pathways which obviously has some effect as if a subconscious machine on our mental experience.

Analog and digital, continuous and finite, seem to blend. I understand we can see the body systems as one system but we can also study them separately and sometimes the effects of systems are indeed separate. I would urge those interested in string theory and the like to apply it to biochemistry- there is more than quantum theory involved. As Ulla posted on her blog of the walking molecules in life yesterday we say the combination of such chemicals is a matter of chance and what is available. But clearly in the total body system some molecules "know" or from a hidden place can find or sense some other place very far from a distant place in the body. Or there can be distant effects if we say place engineered or cross species DNA in one part of the body without any apparent material link.

I do not accept on this level of mythical story telling that the physiology is the psychology without there being a unified theory of physical laws. I cannot accept the application of ideas like Hawking applying them to the idea of God without a more general level beyond crude distinction of what is mind or what is matter. Indeed if his final idea is that he has asked the what of the world and not the philosophic why it is here rather than not, he has come as a scientist to a place where we who still see the value of philosophy asking those questions all along from perhaps a higher comprehension with clear scientific outlines. Even for stories that try to match science and religion were that may be possible we can suggest from neurological evidence that some idea of God as the universe at least and similiar if not the same laws of our thoughts and anatomy- is such a God in a universe of diffuse shadows mixed with lensing of a so called origin or big bang (that is from the level of those seemingly global theories of their day) is such a God always aware of His state of introspection? Science suggests many diverse and complex models to explain as well as dismiss a God in a much more complex way than our evolved thinking has thus far imagined- all in principle perhaps less than the treatment of such a Deity as a static place, goal and end as a theory of everything.

I am not sure I have communicated the beauty of this picture or that it can be received. But as Hoyle said of the Big Bang- why would God make a universe based on a model less beautiful than his Steady State one? But with such an idea of God and of ourselves in the mechanism of consciousness as the ultimate of things- and that this is the end that we see and Hawkings once said was the end of things in the universe and learning- and these abstract algebraic and geometric mechanisms do apply to all obtainable levels- is it wrong to think that just perhaps we have described the synthetic consciousness of at least the universe itself in that we can understand what that is in ourselves?


  1. You don't have to make distinctions between mind and matter. That is a wrong assumption that Descartes once was forced to do because of the church.

    It is in essence about the particle duality. That all particles also have a shadow, a wave function. In the same way every molecule in the body also have a wavefunction and that function is the psychology. The particle/molecule is the structure, the physiology. In that way every molecule have several messages at the same time. Take dopamine, it signals movement, doings, but also thought, self-esteem, good mood.
    God is not in this at all. God is supreme, a different world, a phase of Life somewhere in between. Take the nerve pulse, it is solitonic, and a soliton is dualistic. But there are three phases, also an anyonic phase, a mass-gap. This phase is God and Life.
    God is immaterial, a quantum aspect of Life. that definition doesn't diminish Him at all, on the countrary, because he is everywhere, in all matter, and also in all non-matter. It was this facet that Hawking doesn't understood.

  2. Ulla,

    Thank you for considering this and for your comments.

    Again, the miRNA is primary and the dopamine a secondary phenomenon of such consciousness.

    Higher level quantum mysticism can be interpreted as consciousness involvement- even as the level where there is ESP.

    Is your distinction between such consciousness as shadow or material structure not a dualism?

    Part of the answer is what we philosophers have said all along- the idea of absolute nothingness and not just some quantum flux, Higgs or any other compromise vacuum.

    Like an ultimate concept of God, this absolute vacuum, the true shadow as dark matter, goes through the physicality of this world as if a soliton of self sustaining creation as a wave in the weir of time.

    But if you cannot see the beauty of this theory it is not just that I have failed to explain it but one cannot show what happens ultimately between the bases as helping cohere DNA - nor what happens when some molecule walks over graphene or any such Casmir like layers of zero probability of finding electrons.

    I find it interesting you note the reason or difference of spinning electrons and magnetism in the shells of atoms- but as far as I know there is no explanation for the why of this of which I have tried to show the global and geometric view (synthetic view).

    But again thank you for you most excellent post, if that were all I saw two months ago it would have totally blown me away.

    The PeSla

  3. Is there something I don't know about this? can You please give the miRNA link?

    I cannot see why miRNA should be primary. And I don't like the term 'quantum mysticism'. It is spelled usually by people who don't want to know what they are talking of. Still I know you know a lot of this subject.

    ESP is not so peculiar. I am coming to it on time. My writings are so slow because I have not so much time to spend on it. ESP is not mysticism. Levitation is harder to explain, and maybe it is an illusion or suggestion, maybe true? The magnetic fields must be opposite for it to happen? Levitation has never been prooved, as far as I know. Only experimentally with dead matter.

    "Is your distinction between such consciousness as shadow or material structure not a dualism?" It can be seen as the wave - particle dualism. In reality it is the same thing. That is, no true dualism.

    "the idea of absolute nothingness" needs some clarifying to me :)

    You use so beutiful words :) God is immaterial, also free of dark matter. If you examine matter you will never find him.
    God is penetrating everything maybe like a shadow, as a phase within phases. There are always three of them (the trinity) and God is the one in - between. All the charachters fit. And I really think this is a fabulous wiev :) We must at least partly redefine God. That is nothing new, he has been moderated many times before.

    This DNA story is just a little piece of the puzzle. There are more to come. Next about the informational problem.

    It is exactly the zero probability - so the theories have shortcomings, because we KNOW that it is happening. Life is about coherence and synchrony. What happens when we die?
    I also want to show that matter indeed is very central to finding the explanations of QM. It is no exception, as most physicists want to believe.

    I hunt the why :) The perpendicular magnetism. There must be many different magnetic fields. This is also about the unification.

    If you have links I would happily take them. Thanks.

  4. Ulla,
    my reply here turns out to be over 4096 characters so cannot be accepted as html for a comment so I will appended it to todays posting.

    The PeSla