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What is the Point of Existing?

What is the Point of Existing?
(a philosophic interlude on higher geometry in the search for and archetecture of the Soul)

In the above illustration I have three forms of the Twizzlor structures. Each add up intelligibly as part of a 240 element system (which is the eight dimensional case of close packing. Of the 16 x 16 matrix as with Eddington we remove 16 which is 15 + 1, 1 being the recduction to a monopolis of such tetrahedra and is a tetrahedron itself (a technical point akin to the +1 of Eddington and the "ninth gluon" perhaps. The 15 of course are of the 30 cubes of 6 colors. Yet we are only dealing with three axes here or space of natural three dimensions as a surface space. The twizzlor tetrahedron in the center itself, which can reduce to four squares from each point for a distinguishing of cell differention, may be treated analogously as the triangluar units of surface to which these color objects are centered depth.

The title for this post is a recurring philosophic question of which the answer may invoke many responses and replies. I mean, in the quasi world with the outlook on frontier speculation or physics a mechanism for memory in the DNA seems an intelligible idea and a more focused one at that. We really cannot find the soul if there is a question for a model of it- say in holes formed emergently in structures there because of the evolving concept of hyperspace. We can suggest them as the place where the soul is (in an organism) but cannot show if they are empty or full.

Where does the unique or isolated information of an individual go over his existence or life time? Do we just store up memories of our unique perspective that in the end vanishes, and the best we may do for some idea of immortality or the extension of a life span, is to work from and through the tenative immortality of the species of which the individual is only a mediator or carrier?

If our unique living structure can store memories as such then perhaps this is also where our crude ideas but intimated notions of the soul dwells. You see, we exist in the span, the surface, but the sensing of what is in our hearts infering if not touching and sensing what is the in depth of the hearts of others is the higher meaning of forms of Love. Not that this gives us an answer to the point or reason of existing but that it puts the question into a wider compass of the universe.

To love, truly, another, is to be aware of this existing and unfolding or even decay of their souls. It may sound counterproductive to some that we do not treat other animals, especially not aware we suppose of their existing beyond just doing that, to think of them as having almost or a human value to their existing as life. It is thus more than an issue of faith in respect for lower life is respect for our own lives. In the feuding between organic brothers what was the point if we reduce each other to the last man, the exhausted victors on the chessboard of inevitible war. We who see the value in these nearly "souless" creatures so to speak are more capable of knowing love and the fine points of what is intelligible as information or facts in our notions of blind faith. We need no longer rely on lies of the past to denigrate others with lies of their pasts. Without a respect for love and each others Gods we are machines dwelling only on the surface of our souls.

Would you be a theoretical physicists? The certainly no matter what the final truth of things you should first be creative like the poets and capable of sober dreams and sensitivity to love. If you cannot see this then your compass of experience is limited and so your adapting to the wisdom of the mind God would not have given you if He did not expect but not demand you to use it- although evidently He does promote love ideally as a central concern- and you will become the tunnels and ant hills and at farms in a vice of glass in an overly mechanical world you create to which one would be hard up to say what was the point of your existing if indeed there is even a memory of it.

* * *

Not sure Lubos accepted my last comment on Hawking, but it can be found here and I understand that perhaps it is not clear enough or does not fit the much wider discussion- that or in the public computers it somehow did not take.

But a point, perhaps a traditional religious one, I desire to make beyond the discussion at hand (and one should read the comments to Lubos as they are most interesting and cover many current views. I like ullas.) Is that the usual notions of God do tend toward reductionism either socially or in the physics- and even a spiral of progress is outside the greater generalizations of physics.

After all, in a way the 10D Newtonian theory is like the 4D Einsteinian and of the eleven ways in the caballa to move up to God we arrive at only half his ultimate face (that is that of Adam) where our intelligible ancient intuitive string theories are so reduced to the total surface of experience or some endless plane.

Note also the new theory of tilting stars interacting magnetically with their discs and the different bodies suggesting we know too little about solar system formation-
how can we not be excited about our golden age of new physics? How can we not in some greater cosmic sense, but realize the awakening of destiny within wether the gods have some purpose in our meeting or the valleys and canons flow by chance into an even greater picture of love and collaboration?

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