Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quasitopal (Quasihedral) Stetrahedra

Quasitopal (Quasihedral) Stetrahedra

Here I introduce in the vague family (-polis) of some symmetrical space structures the quasi or partial symmetries of materialization (collapse or compactification to actuality. Thus in a sense it is a supersymmetry like concept (yet it is more a form of foundational topology of space than either a biology or a physics as primary) So I introduce the Italian "s-" prefix. Soctahedra = 4 Stetrahedra and there are Scubes and Spolyhedra and in particular here the spentagonal dispyramid! As I posted previously, there is something between here, a flangulation (the shadows or rim of things of which the influence of higher space we only see but rationally so) of space structures rather than just a default or tangle of our notions of knots and hidden broken symmetric dimensions. My view is a more finite one- I mean rather than default to the extremes of a disc or line- the romance really of things that come apart or come together, the doubling and halving of things- and what better metaphor than replication of we bilaterally symmetric organisms. Of course one may not have to take the idea of spin as literal nor from ones uncertainty outside the field accept that the vague chaos underlying what some see as absolute grounding such that only by some other chaos pushed aside as fanciful and virtual- is the the world intelligibly complete and concrete- and this mythology gazed into is the foundation of our sense of competency as theoreticians from a more modern view shuns the chaos as mystery and its vague explanations we grasp as the quantum theory.

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again I am astounded we are posting about the same concerns- actually I just sit down to post what I will call "Quasihedral Stetrahedra". Your summary at the end of this post says it all as I was going to write- "when the intelligibility of numbers and geometric structures are broken, nature strives to find a way to bring things back to intelligibility (consistency) again. That is a secret like you mention which we might learn about.

The reason I am thinking about this is a Swedish biochemist left a comment on my blog in May which I did not see until yesterday (I mean who reads my blog but those who know me?). To ask about this intelligibility is to ask the question of how or why mathematics so matches the world ( and yes, the sense and truth of our theories like good romantic fiction have characters that take on a life of their own- I mean I just cannot understand why higher dimensional string theories are not overwelming obvious to everyone). I feel you have concerns behind your posts beyond this critical issue of the intelligibility of handedness like this perhaps probable nature of truth on some level.

It is rather simple (and not as boring as a dozen pages on some simple geometric partial solid) that I observed that in systems that limit symmetry such as crystal groups, what may seem highly irregular and asymmetric in three space can be beautifully symmetric so balanced in four.

The PeSla

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Sunday, May 16, 2010
Topology and the Nature Code

Ulla said...

Physists say this code is wrong. they are absolutely sure. Rowland is a physist, but maybe he is wrong?
The idea is very appealing, but he has missed something important in the matter condensation? He has made it too simple.

There are something wrong with the primes and the platonic solids?
I work on this problem, but I have no solution. I'm just a biologist:)
May 24, 2010 3:53 PM
ThePeSla said...

Sorry I did not check my comments and am honored you replied to the post with understanding. I tend to think that physics in the end will be shown more like a branch of biology.
September 1, 2010 7:47 PM

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ThePeSla said to Ulla...

Hi, I love your page and ideas. I am sorry I did not see your comment from last May. I did not expect anyone else would read this. Rowlands btw has some interesting insights on DNA of which I saw that pattern in 74. So if he is wrong I am wrong. But I know how hard my English is even if one knows the standard terms. I am nobody really but find so much beauty in these idea and living things. Thank You

1 september 2010 17:55

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PeSla on face book yesterday with this comment for an experimental photo on topological insulators and love?

L. Edgar Otto This sort of physics will revolutionize our understanding of the world.

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Another look at the Pentagonal Dipyramid! The truth of a good story has characters that take on a life of their own- and some of us can read Joyce and some cannot!

But this is geometry, the lore of a ship's carpenter and not the romance of the whales. Yes, when the landscape is everything and the wars between the sheep-men and the cattlemen are cliche how boring the cowboy, his restrained black handled six shooters, and the Romeo and Juliet pristine kisses, romantic and rustled, the swath of sheep grazing everything in sight- those intruders, kisses not my own, other peoples family photos- but I the immigrant as if a true Texan or Virginian raised in its history excluding the ancient Europe bridges or concrete doughnuts along the LA highways and barrios. So what if I am only partly native? I loved the yellow and not the red ladybugs- I suckled the honeysuckles- I knew the robin red breast was orange breasted- invasive species but my landscape!

I walk, one step and then another, my circle is two points and I miraculously stand upright as if I ride a unicycle or lean to ride a bike that moves forward and stands true. It takes so long to climb a mountain- especially a quantum one- But surely the first humans walking upright on two legs and leaving the plains for the hills and canons must have ran down the slopes so much faster than the climb up- I mean in the blur and the joy and the risk of breaking an ankle in the dry ditch down- how could we have not invented the continuous cycle of the wheel?

"Today is yesterday's tomorrow" reads the sun dial in the rose garden at the University of North Carolina at chapel hill and "It is always morning somewhere in the world" I am sure that Fred Hoyle sit there in contemplation as it so near the Planetarium. So, yesterday's bronze is tomorrows gold and as our dreams of space and time and love change we are at home in the main in the challenging silver linings as we follow into sunrise or sunset the gray line of our intelligible perceptions.

How hard to distinguish the paths of love- especially if torn between lovers. How deep the first love if it fails the whole universe must fail and perhaps you follow or it leaves but a ghost of you in a ghost town of dusty rooms and volumes. Above the black and white is the color, and some say above that is the realm of consciousness, perhaps ESP. But before we grasp what is on that level or not there is the world of pearlescence - between our true colors and altered consciousness on which we value the precious metals that magically are captured on a screen of ordinary light.

* * *

Clearly, a Pinker says we really see two and a half dimensions - but we know that it is the mind that sees and sorts things out more than the error prone eye sight. And it is the wobble of the codons two and a half that push into the half dimension forward our reading and evolving nature and cosmic code. We of course can learn to see in the higher spaces- Pinker shows three- and we can picture and think in a few more. But sometimes the picture is too simple to see.

As I said, the 5- or 10-polis, that is diffuse tetrahedra contained vaguely as part of an intelligible subcell set of the 5-cell 4D solid (pentatope)- when one stacks them we find around the triangular digons in the backbone a tripple helix of which a fourth helix around them stands alone. Thus in a sense two such helical structures can match (mate?) or divide- for the mirror as if a complex number space is only partially complete (quasimaginary). In the three helix we have three of the 5-poli and 2 of them (2 and 3 as symmetry breaking Fibonacci numbers?) outside that helix. Thus as we can form the five fold structures of intersecting pentagons (as Rowlands points out) we can so intersect these 3 4 3 polis in a helix.

What becomes significant here is the overall intelligibility as finite counting such as that of Fuller- that is an octahedron is equal in volume to four tetrahedra. Also we can imagine two of these to make a greater tetrahedron recursively. But clearly the 4-polis also becomes structurally important to describe these pre- physical and pre-organic topological helices.

* * *

But what of the choices of spin and handedness? To our right or left we can find the spin going to different directions- but what of the rolling center? There is a spin forward (and these abstract ideas of spin if not literal what can they be?) In the center we also may find a spin even though there should be a balance and neutrality. This picture would suggest neutral and anti-neutral particles and raise a deep question as to what we really mean when we try to distinguish say a neutrino as if it is its own anti-particle or not- and what information it carries upon what intelligible field or number of bits. Also, some interchange of the spins where not so limited say by backbone paths of what the article says now is topological insulation that may seem to differ really do not do so from some actual place of perception.

* * *

Ulla, I wish I could get into the nuts and bolts of the organic chemistry at the atomic level- I mean I am not biologist but only work on the foundational level and that seems even more primary than physics itself for it is geometry about as concrete as it gets and of course the metaphysics of the vacuum. If one simply accepts some sort of background flux for me that is not a deeper answer to even the simple but not welcome in the Western tradition idea of absolute emptiness. But I have no illusions once we have set down some path for ourselves of theory and gained the competence in it and it perhaps not forbidden by the gods, that those so well informed may not see what I do and it not true at all from there perspective- or in the wider scheme of things it is not the best of possible truths- No illusions that even if I had the competence and the faith to adapt that the rivalry between disciplines and people is as bad as the positions philosophically taken and the dishonesty as scientists there is something relevant in what they may not know. But I am hopeful that some of you with honest souls and a little more faith in what they know in this world will work out some details and give our children's children a wider wisdom and a better world.

The PeSla

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Later that afternoon:

I have not mentioned that a lot of coincidences have happened lately like a parallel talk with my friend Marcus on his situation with romance and music and his chigong martial arts of which some of these issues bordering on the metaphysics seem to have similar notions and experiences reported that make a sort of sense beyond the limits of our modern physics- and I did relate some of these theories to him in the last week. Perhaps the greatest coincidence for those of us in a more rational world and the few bloggers here I follow with nearly the same concerns posted independently is the announcement of Hawkings book (two articles on new scientist today) where questions the theory of everything-) you know, in a way that position seems to me a little behind what we are now finding out about the universe.

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