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Round Up (Inspired by Zane Gray's Under the Stars of the Western Sky and some serious thinking on the current issues of 911)

by L. Edgar Otto (Comments on yahoo.mail are all over the spectrum of angers and superstition, a day like today might be better left for time outs and burying our heads in the sand- that or try to do something of civilized if not meaningful ceremony for our human condition.)

God, if we choose to see, has never left me

not at my dancing core and two-faced spin

Nor I Him, ultimately, two-faced time, births and deaths

I've never left Him, followed the fallen others.

They who do not know what they believe save theirs

forgiven guilt, by blood appease Adam's half face sacrifice

I, creature of the Savannah, prairie - not some garden

unobtainable but fleeting joys between storms and round ups

For though the prophesy is sealed and no new prophets yet arisen

among the children of the Christ, the gates of Hell

Open and close like clockwork wound, unwound, and broken

No Promised Land, no bloody spurs and studs ran to the ground

Nature abhors mavericks and messiahs, praises horns of indifferent bulls

protecting mothers - the bawling and bleating come with brands, wild the frontiers

* * *

The battle lost, more causalities from the rout, demoralized the stragglers

Calves lassoed with broken legs left forgotten for the wolves and vultures

* * *

So tall the towering horns, bravado, propaganda, burning double first crosses

but what profit her charging nursing virgin mother's horns to build

Near another meaningless ground zero, new lands and people shout chosen

if vanished into perpetual mourn the fruits of her child bearing?

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And a comment for Ulla's post today on blogspot:


An interesting post that makes me a little curious about who and what your are personally and in a sense then what we all are- your seeking rings a bell.

Nietzsche said "Love is the danger to the lonesomeness one. Love if it only lives."

Certainly, the one and only Creator could have been very Lonesome...

So too the authors of physics like Pittikin who while a part of our shared thinking cannot really be alone.

I question the new research on if there are ways to make true random numbers- perhaps it is somewhere in between ultimately... our experience of a lifetime makes for deeper awareness and memories- whole brained I share your feelings that there is more to our destiny than meets the eyes of those who can see.

The PeSla

to that I might add this insight in response to her post and I posted it on my thought status on facebook:

In our human world of the unknowable and still unknown, if we appeal only to superposition of classical and white noises changing and enhancing our faith, we should be aware of the dream within us where awareness of each other is the paradox of things that can be alive and dead at the same time.

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Along the same theme I posted this comment on :

ThePeSla said...


I am reading Zane Gray old cowboy romance novels. How vivid does he makes landscape of the Purple Sage and how many pages are about two lovers, rawhide and tender foot, another Romeo and Juliette in the range wars - or her suitors looking for someone among the rare ranchers daughters in the lonely rustler's plains.

"Goodnight, my moonlight ladies- rock'a'bye sweet baby James. Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose- wont you let me go down in my dreams... and rock'a'by..."

May you have such beautiful and intense dreams and there is no fault in them- rather the fault is that we cease to dream...

The PeSla

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Extraordinary evidence of my Ordinary Interpretation of the Creative Vacuum

First Stars In The Universe
Astronomers Reveal First Objects In Our Universe

"Based on the strength of the infrared light signal, they concluded that the total amount of energy produced by the objects was so large, only very large stars or black holes consuming a lot of matter would be capable of emitting it. "

Evidence Perhaps of eh first objects ( Creative Objects like the quasar era or black holes- ie the very first star like things that made the galaxies- as I have suggested all along.

Only it seems that things are continuum, transcontinuum, and now ultranscontimuum to use my early terms this is a matter of viewpoint at some beginning which technically would be a quasic pixel (not exactly a point)- that is inflation applies as well a univese(s) of variable laws. But more importantly is the idea of the abstract topology which is more perfect and crystalline at the apparent center or beginning of a spacetime line- and in fact this is where in the abstraction of the structured vacuum that sting theory and particle theory could shine- for these dark matter related objects just like the change of general state to hydrogen-helium stars and then our metals and so on--- the quasons or creative objects can be seen to pass into higher or later states.

In general the universe can be represented as a large matrix, with the quasic grid also a literal matrix unto so many dimension. Its abstract thus material structure also...

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