Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Panorama Of Gravity and Soul

Time and the multiverse of dark matter and familiar constellations- Only Van Gogh could see the stars truly.

The Panorama Of Gravity and Soul

On an origin of our religious sentiments based on cosmic conceptions of space and time.

This idea on my mind today, almost a Baconian conception moderated a bit by the idea of reincarnation in the panormamic view of the Christian St. Origin - and with clearer notions even that generality is not the apex of such revelations or contemplations.

But I looked again at a blog I follow but not lately:

and found this interesting quote: "The universe is not a fractal on large scales!"

Which certainly seems to apply as part of the picture of my posts lately.

Today's notion really comes from a new look at old hints of experience- one involves the sense of feeling objects at a distance as if they contained some sort of memory or in general a relation or being of external consciousness. The other is the sense others also mention that the dead seem to stay around a little while and many seem to be aware of death forthcoming for a little while- but then they seem to move on to some other place or greater place or no place... The falcon farther away than the sight and call of the falconer.

But from a scientific viewpoint- one more from that of the relation to geometry rather than our usual vagueness of the psychological - our sense of the existential here and now aware and defining better the sense of those terms in relation to consciousness- I decided to take a new look at the general ground of the intelligibility of linear continua, those to which we seem to have affinity for despite any scheme of knotted dimensions greater than one. In our fractal world which in the end is a question of useful information, energy, entropy and so on, we can still imagine a theory of everything where all degrees of freedom are infinite degrees of it not normalized with respect to some so-called origin or ending- yet the set of linear things are assumed somewhere to reflect this absolute freedom beyond dimension and all scales.

Humans invent or discover religion- some speculate the lighting and the prayer to bring back the one struck that works that establishes such magic in our prayers or some such physicality and psychological reason for ritual (linear?) faith. These arguments are compelling precisely because we are a centered consciousness that connects to the other and that is a distance of sorts of which we do have a sense of measure if we think to look over time as if to understand past and future.

I can imagine a few lines drawn abstractly from the corner of my window to the corner of the building next door and make it stand out as structure- focus the general idea of a consciousness as one way to view the other- and for those less aware scientifically we naturally assume such naming and supplication to the fickle changes of the nature, its seas and skies and season, that the God or gods as such exist. The origin then of such sentiments can be seen as related to geometry and cosmology and the structures we are within - our minds a room temperature collision with intelligible if not intelligent design of restricted natural laws of power- we the room temperature far from the fractal-less continuum of everything and save within our self awareness from the principle of the manifold otherness as the nothing- we the experiment, the atoms in the atom smasher.

So, the idea of loops of strings being the gravity mediator that can skip thru branes of those strings so bound by their ends and contexts of some dimension- in a world which emphasizes quantum theory as a consciousness description is this model not a design said of the soul whose information (over some actual string of space and time) moved on to other states or realms- where or where does this information go? Certainly such will survive the last big bang and reductionism to space (an insight of galatomic on the philosophychatforum) Gravity so described with its weights indefinite and its mass undefined is not a bad model for ideas in religion of the transmigration or ultimate destination or even the recycling of the souls.

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