Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Intelligible Multiverse

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The Intelligible Multiverse In our era there are three great cosmologies of the multiverse- Eternal Inflation,the two brane Ekpyrotic model, and my Quasicontinuum space- worthy of the name Theory of EverythingTo some extent all three apply and are comprehensive enough to solve problems of creative science and philosophy on the frontier of cosmology and cosmogony as part of the evolving intelligible unified theory of reality, the Omnium. The quasicity space came before the more developed spectulations of the other two and deals with notions like strings(iotas) and regions (pixels) which cut off as frontiers or boundaries of that inflation model where time stops and is born as if this a model of an individual human lifespane, also the idea of on what scale of the hierachy problem is intelligible measure be it the effects of mini-black holes or eternal black holes, or the same said of the idea of an irreducible proton or other such minimimal or point particle.

A fourth one is conceivable, a virtual absolute nothingness... where the idea of laws of nature are dimensionfree rather that dimensionless in a way we can measure what is left of some diminishing continuity and multiplicty of intelligible systems. Quasicity, like the general idea of fractals in fractals, brings these issues of what happens in the extremes of scale also to the human scale level of our perceptions and in the biased presence of time in our universe- but it is also conceivable that in the absolute nothingness time itself has no directions and thus no causuality as the universe moves. An actual absolute ultimate universe of the nothingness, more general than the idea of tachyons and so on, is in my era still and open question. Such creative bias of structural arts and design transcends what we now can more clearly can express in words and mathematics save perhapst that the bias goes to the philosophical and metaphysical level also in any theory of behind the sceen generalization and complexity.

If in a quasic space we can imagine three three spaces intersecting at a point (or indefinitely a pixel, or a string, and so on...) and the abstract mathematics can capture this notion in an abstract space (or for that matter can capture how we and nature may see any number of dimensional systems and even transfinite ones) then simply to treat such a third dimension as a pixel part of nine space as itself a nine space shows the fractal like extension into superdupersymmetric worlds of which the theory of everything has to be partly understood in the evolving unfolding system. Thus the enfolded tangs with active initial ends (of structure and not the reading rigidly the cosmic and organic codes) have a theory of everything as a model of geometry in itself that makes real structrues that can read fractally in both the complex analysis and the concrete counting sense.

Here we reach the paradox again that arises from generalization and awareness of it beyond the anthropomorphism we cannot explain things with ultimately save as consciousness or life forms itself real or artificial over the cosmos of dust and nothingness. A DNA complex is natures way of inflating and crashing branes as if in an atom smasher but capturing the moment indefinitely that is part of a greater theory of how the twists and knots of information negotiate the states of reality. Yet that argument of the anthrocentric tells us something about quasic regions as well as what is universe of multiverse where it makes a difference in our uniqueness and era.

Part of the realization of the significance of this view I got early on in the philosophychatforum looking at the stars and thinking about "galatomic" in ways that it required an extension way beyond that model of my friend on philosophy. For inside a universe far from the conventional debates of measure are other universes, so into those and so on including ideas of consciousness and whole other univeses, and of course particles and so on... The galaxomic principle may prove to be a greater part of our philosophy and physics after all. Such superdupersymmetry should be observable and most likely it has been in the LHC but in a way a little more intelligibly consistent than I envisioned that area of physics- still the quasicity principle lately applies to human scale problems such as the entering and leaving black hole effects of a simulated black hole and refract indexing as to the idea of particle pairs... and to we as centered in the large and small of space and those still not unified principles of observation.

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I add this comment today for thereferenceframe blogspot to Lubos (I wondered where in the sitcom Big Bang they came up with such a high order of string theory) If he finds it worth the posting:


You have me thinking a little deeper or even more speculatively. I sort of see a link to your one on the probability paradox in a later post and the heart of all this human centered reasoning that really does not explain anything-especially the mechanisms as you point out.

But you read the articles on this before I did... so you may want to criticize or review my pesla.blogspot The Intelligible Multiverse

Efficiency is after all a fascist word I hear but the lines in politics seems so unclear to me- it is as if we are entering a period where our era ends and the influence of the usa gets less to some vanishing point of global end of math. Perhaps it is the age of post modern philosophy of physics that we must get past as if Bastille symbol in the twenties near dadaism of a man without a head flirting with cannibalism but they seem to eat their own heads!

I guess in politics there are no necessary realities- how is it the women here have so many more degrees and still they make less pay? What does such blind correctness really tell us about our current university system?

The PeSla responding to a whole constellation of your new posts :-)

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