Sunday, July 10, 2011

6D Franklin Chirality Triality

6D Franklin Chirality Triality L. Edgar Otto July 10, 2011

Here up to 6D so there are three quasic projective plane permutations I designate as Psi n, n+1, n+2. That is we can rearrange the information of the 64 (presumably 32 real and 32 complex) such that these can abstractly be expressed as a linear arrangement of 4 fourspace quasic objects for the n and n+1 case- which naturally break between cell 16 of the 4 cube and cell 17 of the 32 or mirror 4 cube.

These in a sense break into two sets of two with the 32 difference number between them.

But in the third or n+2 projection we find that the natural progression pattern 1 to 64 , while it is doubled, is superimposed across all the quasic quadrants as if we distinguished in the next dimension what can be thought of as a discrete circle of 4 instead of a discrete line of four.

So we find that (as a possible physical interpretation) that there is more than one way a set of particles may split into two parts with the mirror symmetry.

However, although in the n+2 case we have that mirror symmetry we can quite imagine that it cancels out (indeed, can it cancel out as if contiguous vectors at this micro level- for as a rule that boundaries do so in the Omnium is a quasi-canceling that may have some quantitative contribution to things like mass). In this sense we may imagine the superposition of the across 4 quasic quadrants of the real and imaginary complimentary patterns as a neutral particle say as charge as well as a self dual particle- in this sense we establish the mathematical and physical possibility that such structures may nevertheless decay, and do so intelligibly.

This also makes the circular set of four (3D) cubes describable as to reflect the intelligible possibilities and freedoms where these are in a sense articulated in the folding and unfolding.

* * *

Now as complicated as this may sound it does not address the quasic structures of 4 or more quasic dimensional psi states... at 256 of 8 dimensions there are four projection states so far counted as intelligible. (partitions might add more to consider). Again the quasic plane notation simplifies many difficult concepts.

For the record the illustration in my last post has a background of a 13 dimensional quasic grid array of which the center is in 14 space- and this can continue...

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