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Weight-Mass and Articulated Pentonimoes

Weight-Mass and Articulated Pentonimoes

L. Edgar Otto July 31, 2011

Here we have the general idea where extending units (cubes...) by one or in the subtraction of one describing dimensions that there is some point where the subspace is symmetric or the origin of what may be asymmetric from the Conway Matrix view of the kernel of a Quasic plane. Weight between entities has always been a problem in the string theory where in the remote it becomes the idea of inertia, that is mass or gravity. This seems to me another origin of the great question of why the fundamental dimensionless constants are what they are and perhaps are a literal count of integer quantum-like numbers of particles (with of course the adjustments or fine tunings we should not dismiss but calculate with unitary addition and subtraction.)

This view moreover relates to the Lie or continuous theories even at the remote if that idea is held as a philosophical rigid one- questions of origin and the unity of the idea of entropy in relation to time, that is that we find a distinction there ultimately.

Of course (as in the sequences in Kea's post today, 720 being the numerological significant value here of the 6! color faces of a cube) as complicated as this articulated space is it is the next from normal space and that considered concrete as at least a 3, 4 ,5 collection of inter-related functions of those natural dimensions. Here again philosophically we observe the series mentioned before that they ambiguously add to zero or one depending on how they are read in the "to be or not to be". But that is not the question as much as if we can ask that question as to why the world is here rather than not (Leibniz, and recently Hawking) why would one not want the experience of life? This question also of the fine tuning of the just rightness of reality to support life could compensate by quasic inversions of some entities presumed having an origin and some original but remote values like the point of the so called "Big Bang".

The applications of such theories as the octonions- clearly the inversion as a multiplicative inverse is the last property and beginning of quasics to which these variations in compensates of constants somewhere admits the lesser properties of such numbers and allows things like associativity in the mix relatively on some level as if in the remote (this being the real 1/2 authors describe including Kea today, and Rowlands, and somewhere in the posting but discovered later and independently, myself.) As far as counting goes in the roots of planes and branes it does matter somewhat if we start the count with zero or one. But what if in the epsilon x delta root linear binary notations we make the initial count start with either such that we sum the values- the result is a rater symmetric matrix along the diagonal from this shifted count asymmetric situation.

Well these are some of the thoughts on my mind as I pay a little more attention to the primitive paint program for templates (after all I live in the cloud not on my own computer)... Please, recall that I will be adding some relevant templates today and for the next few days or so to the last post- and if I seem to repeat alternative drawing methods it is to appeal to preferences of view, for example I find it easy to imagine things like jack-stones rather than represented as cubes. Some of these I used long ago and actually made rubber stamps which were eventually suggested later as use by the puzzle enthusiasts. The first one the hypercube but that posted so far is not the best example just a working one.

As usual I felt this post especially speculative until the next morning sleeping on it, it feels right and goes back a few decades to more intuitive times only now with meat and methods to make the case. Intuition just as brute experiment can go into regions where there is really no solid grounding or gain without a little reason.

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By Articulated I mean the representations of the P U and Q pentominoes to generate the others in a sense- this is similar to the fast algorithms to solve such puzzles as the 12 x 5 standard two space "filpntuvwxyz" see
I wonder if these can be so easily programmed in the higher space perspectives.

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This and the line drawings of a soma cube of 720 symmetries reminds me of some sort of type for a written language- after all the parameters are on the same scale as far as words and alphabets go... there just has to be a solid connection here.

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