Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crystallographic Condensing

Crystallographic Condensing L. Edgar Otto July 28, 2011

Here are notes for stray ideas of last night. Of course it can go even further into the higher space arrangements (if we keep things clearly in what set of viewpoints on things like dimensions.)

Also, upon leaving this morning for the coffee shop an idea returned nor written but related to this combination of types of spaces involved- That is if we apply the levels of the Conway Matrix 3n to life code reading it is clear that the general organism as if one organism may have different centers on which to condense a space or actuality or individual organism. That is such a space having more general properties at each point of manyworld-multiverse singularity complexes is a whole new area for some phenomena in physicality short of some more ultimate multi-level theory. If a photon in a sense is a result contained yet can move at seething near singularity by these multi-insights of geometry then in a sense establish that any such point of origin (as particle or universe) may arise anywhere in the creative sea of the firmament. These concepts are rather difficult as a universal view to grasp but once they do they answer things and make more sense than what we have now.

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From a blogger friends fb album:

Hmmmm... Octonions anyone? Part of all this is after all the relation of the round pegs of pi in the square holes of various dimensions and the question as to with such geometrical differences are the inertial measures such as gravity and mass intelligible and fundamental or do they add some small modifications.

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One possible consequence of these views from the creative field as generalized surquasic-quasic space is that we can make a metaphor analogy to cancer in an individual organism as to the origins of gamma bursts which are not necessarily as radical as the creation of new (big bang type) baby universes.

For outside a unique region or area (in a sea of such areas not quite a pure sea of singularities or of absolute nothingness) we imagine the era of the visibility of light in the separation or symmetry breaking like ideas as such variations that arise as if the evaporation in two directions to the center of structured black holes. We can imagine the confusion of the factual results of say cold fusion or of plasma leakage in fusion bottles, decoherence- that from the many world view that which falls into a black hole or is evaporated is such a property of condensed regions of space. In Hoyle's creation or C-field (and we have to imagine things above the simple equations that suggest time is timeless (a photon outside of actual time in a sense, a sort of invariant sense) or slows down in the continuum, that such formula are not written in stone despite the great achievement in finding them)
We cannot ground this on the relative drive from space energy regions as sparse. The steady state of creation idea and the big bang idea here reach an organic compromise. If in say cold fusion, can there be (and quantum mechanics does allow for the idea as a phenomenon) no evidence of radiation because it vanishes across these concepts of evaporation- or is not there at a timeless moment, or is virtual- or in a sense in the spatial balance of things goes in and out of the parallel worlds?

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