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Quasons and Embryology

Our mare-maidens are made of shells and sand and seaweed as love oscillates between the waves of blacks and white- How is it you kissed me and did not gain your soul?

Quasons and Embryology L. Edgar Otto July 1, 2011

The Quason was conceived as an eight or sixteen dimensional structure long before it became associated with the Monster group in my cosmology.

Today it strikes me rather as an embryology, the tissues all these turns and twists of brane like things. It development, integration and differentiation.

In this realization, the maximum symmetry group one end the prime 2^46 and the other the 71, what is described here is an orthogon of so many dimensions. In view of the arquasic principles it is clear that life forms can be n-dimensional bilateral symmetry. After all, the powers and count of the singular primes and residues (37 is not a sub group for example) is a very high dimensional orthogon with directions of what is one sort of physics view or what it the other, what is macro or micro. A natural three space or four space on one end and more of the p-adic and fractal varieties on the other. Of course this quason space can have subsets and subgroups in similar ways of depth and descent- be they a statistical concept or a deterministic one. Such describes the harder influences of (neutral or even the inheritance of "purposeful or selfish" genes) as if in isolation- that is some cancers, but of course there can be material processes and counterparts to any such topological embryonic development dynamic model.

I have had a strange feeling realizing the significance of these sorts of structures and what they may or may not mean for what we are and what we can do. We are a universe, each of us, in importance- and yet just a clever dust that does not matter long in the scheme of things- animals who think like animals and act according to their tendencies and codes- expecting things just barnyard animals do.

I do not think I have experienced this mood before, of extreme clarity and an extreme sense of lack of worth and definition of self that is not important anyway, who loves, who lives or dies, whom is to be remembered by whom, who is running the states and economy, for it tells us nothing say of God, but it says a great deal about society and our fellows- and beaten down we should no longer put up with their ill founded plans- because it does not matter- nor who is shot where on what foreign soil at what age like the young man of yesterday- meat, social engineering... He did not live long enough to know that the world does not care.

Wake up my child or earth! There are dreams to gather and souls to hone whom may as well have never been born. Those who fell from the path of enquiry and lost the faith in others too soon, they but their grass and flesh to farm- in your virtual chains cut and use them to punish your en-slavers, for what did matter no longer does now what free bonds can exist between us the ignorant have killed as if a god.

Can the No-God give permission to doubt so as to explore and walk among his enemies and yes in the proofs of him give a purpose and destiny, so long and the wisdom has not come, so long and no intervention as to what that purpose was, the No-God that seems to give confirmation that No God does exists - that it matters anyway.

But I do not know how to say this I am now trying to- the end of journey did not find God, nor an empty room, nor comfort as I a mere animal myself with a little song. Only the drugged out and mentally ill think about and not do it- find the healthy ground for children and families.

I can read you mind too. Our links are intelligible at times even if we are not mirrored twins who only see into each other in a wider view of intermittent time and proofs of the phenomena and independent behaviors.

Our minds also seem to have this analog to a bilateral n-dimension symmetric developmental orthongon of symmetry structures and groups which are fl or flanged in the natural viewing of the dimensions where the mathematics can be fractal like or quasic like as a general cell in cell structure. Obviously the dimension of the human body (or other animals) is much very much grounded beyond the physical dimensions where we regard each cell as a dimension of its own as if all were connected to each other in that sort of group- but we should not make too much of the idea of the alternate group as one half of rotations of some orthogon and think it the forefront or final state of groups and explanation for the physics.

* * *

The idea is becoming clearer... the high humidity where in the wee sweaty witching hours of the night I walk in angers that carry over through the year as if in the exclusion I matter, the bureaucrats who think their way is forever and worth the defending in their memos of gossip- no different really from the lobotomized and our brain eating zombies they keep in place as a myth only- those who depend on them for they depend on the myth for their small pond arrogance of jobs- so the mentally demonized and ill cannot sleep within their own dream debris and spoor, they call each other in all thru the night- night creatures who awaken me so that my own dreams are fitful and troubled. No real connections between the unreal people. The mindless are ruthless, and the higher ground of the dream of life must not sacrifice its being- but should be armed and ruthless also-for the love and liberty of our fellow men.

If you have not challenged and changed the very nature of your soul in reading these depths of what little we can grasp of philosophy you have not understood these ideas that should have changed your soul. If you have come as I have, in creativity, to the end of a work and a poem and not felt the despair and let down as you again face a blank page, if you do not see that face of the unknown on that page and rejoiced made stronger and not more depleted and empty as what the mystery of the world is- you have not done the work of science.

* * *

Before the state and encompass your existence that you are nothing without, the lies we tell to protect children, it must first make you children. Let it not be said that I talked down to you as if you were a child waiting long after you can leave the nest for the morsel from my beak and breast. One day you will understanding, most likely if you survive the vertigo of social gravity, thank me for awakening that the true scholar expecting no reward does not hold that act against the gods who so awaken us.

What is this nonsense worldwide that the age to put out into pasture should be delayed as we live longer- that will soon not be the case. They do not want to balance the books, take away the bargaining and contracts - rather this is a time for them to take back what they think we should not pay in the first place. These sides of extremest debate have equally tenable positions in the compromise of what may see worthless to the other side but are morally the same. So too the random and the determined are in the quason the same thing if we admit the balancing of enquiry.
One cannot protect the elite or the family of the similar creatures if the elite without force water down the masses, import the servants, feed them that they so more breed. No one is born the servant or the slave.

For I have found in the depth of the model that we are not the cloud and yet we are not the clock. We are are not seen save with its dollop of freedom that we are the purposes either of that conceived as conserved in light and its lazy action symmetries. We are not the visible of some layer to which now is that on the onion of being to which we map our past and future, our prospects and achievements, our imagined origins and ends. For our animal inside us is a god of sorts to the primitive beasts, so old as to be demented at the great granary of the end that in a lifetime of building can vanish in a moment. Nor in our purposes some vague gauge and engagement of passion and love, tragic love known to fail if deep before we willingly walk into the execution blindfolded- for there is nothing in Love that does not begin in lust- and there is nothing in the Lust that first seeks not Love.

So, it is not clear that our cloudy dreams can merge with the machine although the intelligible model seems to show that for awhile we are such a symbiosis. That is to say that in the future beyond these fleeting sparks of current events what we may still become is even beyond our chasing technology and science fiction.

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