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Quantum Field Theory Mysticism

Quantum Field Theory Mysticism

Lubos and Pitkanen seem to be on the topic of my concern lately today- at least our compass senses what to seek out in the old or new.

There is no wave equation as such that relates to fundamental constants- rather there are diffusion equations. So the question of bundling signs will lead to inconsistent errors (or will they- in any case how can you do it for heat diffusion and the imaginary numbers?)

The great unsolved or forgotten concern of my long (unpublished)book Instruction and Being was the regret I could not do in the (linear or root of things) the teleoscoping so easy in the quasic plane even if the information was so contained in a partial of the boundaries, was the concluding regret in a book of 4000 pages that was summarized in a single page of a quasic grid.

Interesting some of the rare papers cited by Lubos today have familiar matrices and such by some others here and to where we link. And that we cannot so claim the work of such people as historical and important without taking also their mistakes or world view. These concerns and directions we are going, even the defense of our pet world views, we intuit those directions as fertile. But for the discerning reader of these last few posts one certainly sees independent discovery of what it there already in the physics for all to see. Not sure any of it is originality as if any one person or a group of them matters.

But do not give up on the quest! You all are doing well and surprise me. Well most of you who have not fallen into a creative hibernation of winter somewhere in the world.

I do not want the past as much as say- to cite Lubos or Pitkanen- a new physics for a new world.

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Footnote: I got a trac phone and figured out how to set the alarm- all this clock time, the dates especially. Well, some insist I have such a phone but facebook has worked well for me. It was a little of a shock going to the mall and seeing all the technical advances in the last couple of years. The occasion was that my eldest son and his wife wanted me to have one to notify me I will become a grandfather. The baby born this morning is halfway between me and my son's age.

I quite imagine they are spaced out a bit- I lost my concept of time and money for awhile when my eldest was born. I had nothing to say or post today really as if it was pretty much a wrap up for awhile- even in the dreams- normal, perhaps not mattering if they were forgotten. So, with the weather changes again I feel a little out of it this morning. You see there was a change in diet also and a deeper realization of how our bodies work. I just do not feel old but can imagine some major situation to deal with as I have seen it in so many others, even the young.

So, as inevitable, the feelings about such times will come up and stand out- the recollection of how it was for me- just an abstraction that I would be a father really as a good idea and something to be- some different era where I play the part of Luke in Luke and Lara, weddings and all. My number two son and his wife helped out, but I did not see a good reason to visit the hospital, be just in the way- and my second son agreed. Each of us has to go through these things in the proper time and on their own. (My facebook status reads today: You cant keep the kitty from the door when she gets the urge for leaving- nor exchange the loom of years before the days can do their weaving...) from one of my old songs.

But do we think about time really save in such events that stand in relief? For me the bringing of a child into the world, childbirth, was very much a heightened magic and it is like being in love, first and deep love again- and maybe even a little deeper than that. Something is happening that rearranges the universe and it seems to matter that it takes notice, strives for the positive in an indifferent world.

Our dark days, mercifully we forget in the main, our necessary negative moments, our links to our emotional dreams within dreams... We cannot sense what we cannot bare.

I dreamed I was walking my child in a pram and had a vision, for whatever reason the wounded soul in love presents unto the world her lies, that my child would be taken from me- and for a brief moment I realized the great pain of this moment as unjust and more than the events of the mundane world- then I escaped into awakening not willing to look deep into such pain of others surely must be there in this sea of social uncertainty. But we cannot live vicariously in others only from a distance acknowledge their joy until some bond goes deeper to the next half like me creature in the lineage or part of the family and flags in birth and name... And I am given a role way beyond my still productive years so soon to be vanishing in the mysterious flow of time we reach and see but cannot see then. Creature into this world who commands all the future as I the past, our cribs the same in old age and escape from what swaddles them to risk and explore love in this world.

But is that not always what feelings are for us still mortal (even if we think it otherwise or so strive for heaven on earth eternity- of which it is evident that in this noble if meaningless project I have failed, a failed star.)? I mean if I unearthed the snakes under logs and rocks face on in hikes through the woods I would vanish in the pain of it, half immune now to snakebite so awake to the misery. So it is that in the birth of the truly new we find the sorrows of the past- and so the bittersweet balance must be there. I know too that others must realize now just how much they have thrown away from the real and future, stealing their soul from themselves. I care and feel empathy, but they are too far away even in this world as if the lampposts by the Zurich Zee really do shrink in the distance to vanishing but I must smile that the dark gods may have given back to you your false dreams of revenge.

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Comment to Pitkanen today:


We all seem to have similar concerns and directions again.

The curl concept in physics and the simple at a small region integration of the boundary- and in view of our new concepts of multidimesions- has to be generalized a great deal more than it has even for supersymmetry -see Gauss Bonnet theorem.

I had a problem today with the series concept of bundling positive or negative regions- this may have useful explorations and all of this certainly applies to thermodynamics.

I doubt you should soul search about becoming a theoretical physicist for you definitely are one already regardless of employment or training. Some imagine they want to be this or that but never see the reality of it.

The Pe Sla

* * *

This issue of addition (integration) over areas (or further dimensions and just where there is a difference in what we regard as physical reality and the flatness or "Euklidean" ideas involved where we interpret these as the conservation of energy, the vectors going in equaling those going out...) Suggests that the factoring of such a region of the same informational content (that is where we find intelligible counting between at least the range of 0 to 1) is also not as linear as we wish to treat them (the vectors that actually do respond to the topology on whatever scale, usually the Micro-scale Pythagorean from Riemann's remarkable reach of his time after Gauss even more amazing his insights) as linear so more manageable and differentiable with all the apparatus that comes with- That these linear vectors are multi-dimensional in themselves (brane-like for the M theorists here)- especially where we are trying to relate explicitly the the idea of numbers (p-adic) or assume some sort of certainty of compactification, even the certainty of reduced Feymann diagrams, to general space and its continuously seeming analogs (a virial view too wherein we make the assumption regardless of the need to add to equations some small series of values we may regard as negligible such that there has to be a reason if not understanding of where the world is discrete- so the electrons under "acceleration" do not fall into the solar like idea of the nucleus so matter itself as unstable.) What do we do for example to explain in a sea of topology to which we might describe a magnetic field (to which we have come to intimately include as the last effect to explain black hole exchanges or emission of momenta in the diffusion (not Reynolds flow equations as a unifying but dimensionless principle) as if it has distinct lines as if the heat has wave or topological guides, that is are string like objects apparently observed in say the solar flares seeming as such? My teleoscoping problem (first coming up with the reading and structure of the gene code and then relating to other physics) is this very problem- and essentially it can change the order of simple addition (as an analog to say division of complex spaces and other issues of the conformal as the so called NP problems in the string-like formalism of polynomials of protein shapes). Is at least this very concern of the nature of that world that touches on the holographic mood and the fractal mood in how we view such math and physics.

And as an observation- what is this concern with tau or pi in a world that may have something like half tori or the natural turbulence of such whole tori in descent as ink in water to break down into other tori? That is, what general irreducible number of these curl vectors are more natural to equations, perhaps 4pi has a place for example- is there after all a certain limitation of our views to utilize the idea of spin or waves that only consider multiples or jumps of pi, even where in the higher spaces the recursion says pi is taken to certain powers? What, moreover of two intersecting values of pi if in some sense the digits of pi may encode somewhere in its decimals most anything in the cosmic year of all possible worlds and writing? The Omnium law may be a little to simple if we do not strive to match it to the complexity of the universe and its effects of mathematics- for should we not when 1 or zero divided by zero can mean anything- arbitrarily say for example as if looking for needles in the haystack- something like, and absolutely so where that issue of the absolute can contain single and many value ideas so to treat signs- or that in the obvious cases some quadrant of the quasic field and other invariant considerations or arbitrary assignment of signs to matrices needs be generalized: that zero times infinity might best abstractly be equal not to one but say 2pi or well, as compelling and childlike the question of electrons in circular orbit and bar pi? The omnic law may then at least ask the question of what is the simplicity and complexity of intelligible space and time numbers.

But really, my theorists, at what point can we say that any theory is original or can be said a major breakthrough? Some of us may be saying this ironically now.

A lot might be cleared up if we try to understand better integer or other sequences and not the paradoxes of using e to some power or exp(n) in the difference as to what is the single or many valued functions where the remote models do seem to contrast what is a singularity (and thus a series of singular primes?) and a complex singularity.

As far as the identity of octonians and complex spaces and so on, now seemingly an assertion rather than question- this of course was in the binary notation of the quasic field (chess game) of the simple 8 and 4 dimensional aspect of 1968 or so- and it is a subtle difference in what we may consider compaction and so on as the case of what is physical and real in the world from our theories. But the dynamics of this, the problems of prediction of so many digits of pi by the ten base or not, suggests at least we examine this principle from various distinctions of fields or continua before we find where it works as a unity again in some n-brane formulation and where the landscape is or is not limited.

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