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Super-twists in the Quasized Conway BDK-GIN Matrix

Super-twists in the Quasized Conway Backdoor-Gin Matrix July 12, 2011 L. Edgar Otto

On the margins of the illustration and on the back 36^2 = 32^2 + 16^2 +4^2 and 36^2 - 30^2 = 36 x 11. Also a stray biology thought: as item *n - as far as the higher sign symmetries this may also relate to the one third factor of gene influence on "aging" in fact it also bids me consider a total mirror inversion of this symmetry- perhaps a theory of "quadrafolds".

Let us consider numbers mentioned by Lubos yesterday along these quasi-topological lines: 3::6, then 6::12, 12::24, 24::48, 48::96 ... Think the numbers as dimensions and think 4::8, 16::64 ... of the 2D x 2D = 4D conceptions.

I recall a half decade ago that one of R^3 or R^4 was solved and that these are the hardest dimensions to solve- I do not know the situation now.

In the margin also a note on Bohm after viewing videos on the Intangible Materiality blogspot. I had not seen Bohm before but aware of his work and of Jung's and had some thoughts about this sort of phenomena in relation to the interpretation of fundamental physics. I suppose it was quite impressive a theory in its time but the general idea for me seems way out dated although it has its followers and is an achievement in human reasoning. Basically the inability of the physicists to combine the GR and QM theories led Bohm to consider the QM realm as a place where the mechanistic and mental world were one again in the dualism of things. The margin reads: Item *n+1 in the Sw (supertwist) Cw (Conway global scenario) there were effects of QFT implicit psychologically (an other video states the effect more along the lines of Jung in that these are mental things in some people and projections of what is part of human experience and not other worldly, hallucinations if you will) very speculative from the view of Descartes on his geometry itself. But what of the atomic effects if part of a more unified physics system- for the other video suggests the awakening of different things over the world- indeed this seems the case, including perhaps extinctions, but not to the point where some ladies in New York establish Spiritualism in 1848 and so on. But what if in some sense, or hidden as mirrors of deeper symmetry we have some corresponding effects say with the atoms and solar system climate itself?

But my thoughts turned more to topology as to what quasic distances mean as defined where they are contained but variable- that is not the assumed invariant in topology. So I put some first thoughts to append to this post (Thoughts on Abstract Qs-brane N Content...) And wonder in this area of mathematics too just how far I will have to reinvent the wheel. What is a half torus- rather like a slinky? Do we not in getting lost in the forest only go half way before we go out again? What might this do with the underling mathematics of diffusion wave guides as if related to the idea of a deeper symmetry involving worm-holes? I can no longer see such things as simply tunnels between simple positive general space. For if we fall to the plane or sphere we fall to the equator then it is down linearly or in such contained lines of magnetic force we fall the other way to the equator while all is still in a sense a flow. I considered the abstract treatment of topological objects like tori and spheres and planes and cylinders as if a set of clear objects that turn over the underlying object- a point on the sphere to be decided what is the directions and the different sorts of distances instead of the usual vector treatment. In which case it seems the double clear cylinder is a half torus abstractly. There must be volumes of writing on this subject. We would do well to present on the internet a more comprehensive and historical treatment of the maths.

I just encountered in a blog I follow:
I have not corresponded with the author nor know much about him. But this is an inspiration indeed- one along the lines of Klein when it comes to 5 space and the icosahedron. In a sense he is saying something similar to this clear relation of three sorts of objects and which are neutral or not in their translations-rotations and so on in terms of the talked about angles- this after a few posts on what is the idea of nothingness- again the inspiration by philosophy and advanced mathematics. I agree with his conclusion (with caveats) on the notion of dihedral angles and suggest that he consider the tau or golden section in four space is also generalized to Coxeter's dihedral angle eta in the next space and so on... But it has its beauty in the visions on almost any level. In this world of the new physics it is not enough to simply reduce things to some ground of zero and positive in the world and not suspect at least a deeper and more independent scope of our math and symmetry ideas. In the blog authors post you will find this simple idea I considered also in general before reading the post- and it seems odd that there is a synchronous link with it- as odd as I see no Lubos or Pitkanen today yet.

Thoughts on Abstract Qs-Brane N Content: L. Edgar Otto July 12, 2011

*0 - If a regular (for a start) n-dimensional sphere can be divided into N subcells, the "area" of a nKgroup Sphere or nKbrane may be divided into the abstract number N.

*1 - A continuous motion N, as a Noether symmetry action on the nK-brane may nevertheless have discrete averaged paths. (vibrations, see video of cottonwood tree)

*2 - A path witin the q-brane plane may reach some global (curly) boundary and the action reverse the polarity, but the cycle of it while intelligible is not necessarily in sync.

*3 - The q-radius of a quason as the source of uncertainty may focus the certainty, yet rarely jump radically from a path.

*4 - Systems of phase space, or any expectations where some origin or negative axis is crossed or excluded or not is a quasi- state of the actuality for so described paths.

*5 - A regular nD sphere N points may only abstractly describe an invariant scalar-vector Nil Q-brane Area as observed or measured from some center to the remote.

*6 - Consciousness is greater than the idea of implicit resolution of QM and GR systems (Bohm) and is at least a SwCw abstraction.

*7 - If there is actuality of such a Cw level of psi-plasm, it is at CwSw these may as "intentionality" integrate across the q-brane space or its factor boundaries.

*8 - In some view we may see the universe as totally describable across all philosophic continua but not totally deterministically. Alternatively, all is indeterminate save by default before at least unification by the new physics.

*9 - Higher consciousness-intellect may not influence the psi-plasm, otherwise to increase or decrease its physicality results in chaos- as such consciousness is a property which over the Omnium (universe) seems conserved.

Oops- fireworks outside my window- let me try again:

It is striking that the leaves of these trees are moving at the slightest breeze when other trees have leaves that seem to be standing still.

* * *
Footnote: I remark that the 30 cube problem can be mapped into icosahedral symmetry in this clear manner and of course represents still higher 4D analogs. I forgot to mention again the idea of what is even or odd in the dimensional count in the sense that in 2 objects and 6 objects in a square array these the only two where we find problems in the count, that is stacking 18 dominoes we always find a fissure somewhere in the grid so it is a given that such configurations are broken into parts as if important for concepts like spontaneous symmetry breaking already there.

So in a sense our dealing with the 6D we understand should also be viewed as part of the general Conway view of these higher 4 and 5 space R^n considerations.

* * *

Sultan on Facebook line from his Poem

Appreciation = gratitude; thankful recognition . These lines are from my new poem where appreciation is personified talking about itself as a quality !
I personified it :):)

My reply to a general idea of this Cw level that seems relevant:

It is subtle also, a little deeper understanding of personification itself- but I still wonder if there is more to it beyond our ideas of qualities and quantity in what is our unique spirit
the poet's metaphors reach into and beyond what we think of as spirit and the conflicts of spirit.

* * *

Further comments to Pitkanen's post of yesterday with shared concerns:


Most interesting and developing notions of which terminology aside the intensity of enquiry may leave us a little lost, but anyone should be able to grasp the excitement and intensity.

I think I might adopt your term phantom DNA for some recent ideas. It seems that the transcendental issue you raise is one of my concerns to as to how it affect the mathematics- after all it seems the circle-square is only true around 8 dimensions or so.

I am also topologically interested in these ideas of flux tubes and wormholes, certainly the triality is involved at the base level and even within that (after all in your next post are ideas of which I find it harder to question some effect not there as it is part of the natural code- can life itself and the DNA forms arise just from the water? Hmmmmm...) What are the limits and structures of flux tube wormholes etc? Can we exceed that?

Keep up the deep thinking. I wish we understood each others visions a little better. Oh did you catch the info that Plancks constant may be smaller than what we now think?

The PeSla

Footnote: on the back of one of the photos in the radial graph I casually expanded it into a Fibonacci spiral with some interesting results as to what quadrants were bypassed as the spiral grew- again the influence of the 11. I find it also most interesting if we insist on a hyperbolic basis for our wormhole geometry as to how this fits into a wider picture of integration over some root- in a sense we have to quadrafold more than quadrapole the powers of e as hyperbolic trig- you might say a sort of dark or shadow code or DNA. Of which quasics is the outcome- but I should be cautious as with talking to an artist not to influence the direction of his work or enquiry so as not to stop some new path of which I thought not to go down but would welcome the novel approach and the learning.

* * *

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