Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Split Infinity (Wildcards in the Soma Cubes)

Split Infinity (Wildcards in the Soma Cubes)
L. Edgar Otto
July 26, 2011

It is clear to me that the ray-gun concept can generate a pattern wherein we solve a problem I posted here awhile back as an exercise in visualizing space. With such quasized charts we can find a pattern that generates the Soma cubes (240) by inversion rather than just the exploration of the surface. This of course continues into higher surquasic conway matrix systems of orthogons as n-ominoes.

But with about as much imagination as it takes to image abstract math systems as to be interpreted as particles, we can regard these as somewhere describing particle symmetries as particles, rays, or fields.

Of course the details are not given here but a sketch because there is freedom in the labeling so to sort out and find the best solution and notation or to set a standard.

As in Kea short post on embedding things recently what you see here is akin to braids in braids (and would that not better describe the resonances say of gluons...?) So these graphs as literal fields or particles are also matrices of which we have the various symmetries some as shadows or mirrors across the main diagonal. I find it interesting that we can have a matrix 3x3 of 1s and 0s, matrix theory 101, so that we can impose or mix with it a verticle column x y z of values. Yet, these raygun fractal maps suggest to me that from one view we can add x y z in the horizontal direction also- which leaves the wildcard for 9 then 12 (the abstract number here important in braiding) 15 then 16 elements again reduced we think to 1' and 0's.

As far as the Triality x Fourness I was going to call this post Triquarternity or Dodecality
But three or four quadrants of the quasic field is the name of the game.

In the center at split infinity is the wildcard which itself is a singularity complex of singularity complexes.

* * *

Potential Infinity / 2 ... duality In a way we exist as a wildcard in the center of time so it seems that half of infinity comes before and after us, indefinitely.
So for n-ality expressions like Pi/12 (see Kea on Phases, yet if a child can understand these things like she said- you see it is a subtle difference between the childlike views and the genius) But the ordering or labeling of the sub parts of the Triality's here in general quasic space have to be set to the general ordering of the quadrants... Kea seems to sense this in that in her last update she notes the embedding of a 2x2 matric (Dirac Operator level?) in the 3x3 in he first quadrant- whereas before she noted it in the last quadrant for some higher particle operators. If we do merge the idea of what is discretely circular or linear (or partially, that is raygun so) we can better orient such things in hyper (but unseen) symmetry (so in a sense to as a miracle raise the zombie of SUSY from the dead, to use her metaphor) Thus over these matrices and quasic (brane) fields we can apply group theory!

* * *

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