Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phenoquasics (p-Qs) Beyond Tetronics

Phenoquasics (p-Qs) Beyond Tetronics L. Edgar Otto July 17,2011

I did not make progress, in the heat and all, but did the simple calculations suggested by the recent papers Tetronics. I still feel it was a dead end but I am used now to results in the same day. So, anyway want to tell me what I am doing or seeing here? I mean is is a pure and fun thing in itself but is it physics?

It may be good that it seems to reduce several streams of theories by our bloggers to triviality- including my own. It is one of those things which are too obvious to grasp as relevant to physics I think- so maybe this is the case when we reach some deep and unexpected, unfamiliar foundational frontier. But this could be the case only in combination. Otherwise the falsity of a theory has to be upheld that the other parts of that theory do make a substantial presentation as intelligible physics, much like the CPT problem in combination- we really should learn to live on the edge of discovery and go the last mile in our considerations of what seems an empty discussion on what is empty- even at the risk of cost of our own theories being seen as unoriginal and trivial as so the investment in our experimental projects and the work we do as to be respected careers.

But I will leave to the few who care for such things to see what problems in the design of their logic systems underlying their theories this approach answers. I also invite those with computers to explore such methods.

This chart by the way, with the obvious symmetry of the Fibonacci points, is as far as the condensing of natural space goes, in these two generations- a matter nine quasic dimensions in the 16x32 grid (that ring a bell Matti?).

I cannot help but wonder if I a working a little over my own head here- well, better to be brave facing the unknown-

Pheno is also akin to phi in the poetic sound- I am not ready to suggest a new but exotic continuum for such space but it would be called the Pqscm or Phqs- and perhaps will lead to a fifth physics which is the fall and rise of a Phoenix like relation of energy in dimensions beyond these five.

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  1. I cannot help but wonder if I a working a little over my own head here- well, better to be brave facing the unknown-

    As we all are. We all asks questions, they arenumeous, endless. We all have different views, so it is hard to advice someone else. The best you can do is making him ask questions.

    Matti is one of the most educated humans I know.