Friday, July 1, 2011

Views of the Quantum Scale of the Discrete

Photo by Jesse Johnson (colors on water with reflected sailboats) thank you for our discussions on light.

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Well, interesting, no? We have just reached a new level of the same old debates.

"However, Integral's observations are about 10 000 times more accurate than any previous and show that any quantum graininess must be at a level of 10-48 m or smaller.

"This is a very important result in fundamental physics and will rule out some string theories and quantum loop gravity theories," says Dr Laurent."

I do not see how they can be so certain of such a conclusion- but the need for a different if not new compass of physics is certainly at hand... as well the idea that from some philosophic perspective these properties of math in in the interpretations of various frameworks may have different emphasis on what is scale or center or levels of consideration (for example the fractal vs holographic ways to see divisions of space all reaching into properties of how we see dimensions and even the parallel unity of mechanistic and statistical systems in subspaces, subsets and subgroups where the model of unity (and its integration over infinity) is intelligible. Loops and strings and the structural description of gamma rays and so on need to be upgraded as all- if this is not the case then what are such scales to describe unity as physicality will be shown in deeper layers and vastly smaller yet.

Now if this is beyond Einstein, it would be nice for someone to explain which viewpoint of Einstein or principles of others he used (Mach?) is the direction claimed.

In the quason as universe we know more about and can compute the high and low numbers of the singular primes than the wide middle. We separate their properties also as if the directed simplex methods of studying the minimum new dimensions of the maximum symmetry of such orthogons.

The deeper philosophic question is- that usual one of multiverse and manyworld in that an individual is not the only discrete (at least seemingly) thing as or in the universe for there are many individuals who interact intelligibly including methods of physical replication and thresholds of collective physical phenomena as dampers or enhancers of a certain population. So from the idea of a middle scale at least in our region of reality we may say that in this middle scale there are analogs to the issues of the macro and micro scales if not a quasi-continuum of all scales- still the flanged observation of such space structures suggests that on the unity scale itself we observe the very subtle difference between the continuous and discrete of which we may need to rethink again what anyone means by gravity.

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