Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surquasicontinuum (Unique Intelligibility of Space and Numbers)

Surquasicontinuum (Unique Intelligibility of Space and Numbers) L. Edgar Otto July 24, 2011

Just as I embedded the Conway Matrix of the 30 cubes in the 64 quasic grid such that the cells on the border of the 6x6 center of the 8x8 square, we have analogs in the phenoquasic (+ Arquasic) = a distinction of the quasicontinum we find that there are higher analogs in the sense of these centered spaces for an even more complicated form of space more easily seen in the quasic grid binary framework.

The illustration suggests a form of counting the regions involved. In the Phenoquasic we deal with duplication (the odd dimensions such as 2^9 = 512) for a pattern or series of 1x2 n dominoes.

Now Arquasically we do not have to consider the structures only asymmetric and one directional (the primes prime pairs never are on the other side of the main diagonal but other matrices and magic squares can have such mirror symmetric relations).

This Surquasicontinuum idea certainly has applications to genome reading and as laws of space and number seems to have unique paths if one to one in a succession, that is we can see a pattern in the numbers more directly related to primes- and I could have called this post The Unique Universe.

In the interpretation of our models, theories, part of the problem is keeping these facts of different representations and principles distinct where the definitions can become ambiguous.

All of this progress of my posting ideas will make sense to those whom have followed and grown familiar with the terms and notions- and be seen still a little wider space in which the quasicontinuum idea itself needs differentiation into a new class of what are philosophic and physical continua in my theories- but I am open to working with the names of things.

Part of a further comment to Pitkanen:

I upgraded the considerations of my post of yesterday to instead of a principle to a continuum, the Surquasicontinuum,(Srqs). We can see the center of such matrix-graphs have their own rules.

I suspect also the pattern of primes in yesterdays grid and in relation to the diagonal follows triangular numbers- but I have not looked at if these somehow can pinpoint primes in any region.

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I might have made things more clear but just met my first grandson in the coffee shop:

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