Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unifying and Comprehending the Variegated Physics

Unifying and Comprehending the Variegated Physics L. Edgar Otto July 19,2011 (5:00 pm in Randal park when the reverse of superposition struck me on a very hot and humid day)

*From the view of a more advanced level of physics we can see the lower physics more comprehensively so as to more clearly understand their mystery, terms, methods, and reasons for the underlying reality of phenomena.

*From the quasic (3rd Physics) view, life and its close relation to physics is demonstrated as a given, something asserted as reasonable, even when only as an intuitive point of departure in philosophy. But without such higher views it can seem only a matter of faith that this appears a scientific revelation.

*The progress of quantum physics (the 2nd physics) will dominate technology in the near future even without resolved links to foundation understood enough to a wide audience and those in awe to pursue even the questioning principles of its foundations.

*We can sustain entanglement and propose to observe a rather large object (articles in science daily and new scientist today, glass beads, cause of galactic bars, and sustained entanglement, contexts of memory in the brain- all relevant to the realization of this principle this afternoon- not that something like Pauli exclusion is to fade as a principle beyond its useful scope of applications even where lesser physics are not unified) and it is proposed to observe a rather large object "In two places at once." But what can this mean in a universe where the reverse is also true and "Two objects (or more) can be in the same place at once?" This would be a better description of "superposition" or where some contexts are observed or not passing thru even horizons. As matter, say a nucleon, quantum aspects resolved, the term or concept of "dark nucleon" - an inadequate term but as best we might describe what seems hidden as a complementary mirror or principle as part of the higher physics (and I do not mean the general vague idea of super-symmetry here.)

*Time travel issues, psychologically as evidence in these higher physics processes is better understood where it can be a physicality of spacetime by these higher principles of space and structure, especially thermodynamic issues, by the Phoenix (4th physics) and Omnic (5+ physics) framework.

* * *

FOOTNOTE next day:

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/07/110718171359.htm to be taken as literal in the unity of biology and physics- from link of yesterday along my same thoughts- and as Pikanen observed the software out paces the hardware. So I am considering a sci fi post or so which may show the implication of some of these post-quantum physics ideas as to what the world looks like (including socially) around say 2050 or so. As E. O. Wilson says "there is room at the bottom"

I may post it as "Polymerase Chain Gang Reaction" I do think the progression of technology such as the next is an addictive and false world as a trend to solve social things- I do not think the arbritary cultural things in us are determined by the genes and that further (epigenetic) modification of it as the prime problem to be solved when the physics merge better) The universities with students and the fish farms and the jails are after all the "many things occupying the same space" and fear as a social control of the old Darwinian scarcities.

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