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Quasic Energy Radius and The Source of Light

Quasic Energy Radius and The Source of Light
L. Edgar Otto July 9, 2011

For a start we should realize that in the discrete reckoning of what happens at the surface of a black hole it is not just a matter of some sort of Planck area or volume, but the situation is n-dimensional as a quasi-finite q-brane.

I present the first part of this post written as the limit or corners of a quasic grid of indefinite extent which I have heretofore called "Lincolms" Thus as if independent units the q-branes at least as sub structures of the general universe my link into topological shapes and differential geometric functions and structures. Lincolm theory (named after Lincoln of Fermi Lab and that they abstractly link) on the face of it seems in its structure like our speculative notions of time travel and its paradoxes. But I think it describes more general and intelligible notions.

The quasic radius Qsr as if a mirror applies in its virial halving of the main diagonal as the center of some location or thinking being, the real half value in a quason of the zeta function, to say the metal ring that makes life possible somewhere along the radius of the spiral arms of a galaxy. While we have considered global climate changes as the entering or leaving the galactic disc we might also consider the differences of the radial distance from the center of the galaxy. I note that various lesser theories consider fundamentally ideas parallel and intelligible to this one- an abstract inertial solar center, the gravity as a result of heat in radiation pressure, the influence of mini black holes in the core of the earth to which we imagine an influx or out-flux of really a one directional jet to which all such ideas of energy as if that of the maximum expansion of the universe apply and where the polarity seems to periodically change.

To emphasize the difference in mass around the c unit as if quasically descending energy, or that described by action and frequency (each of these have a psychological impact in regards to the nature of the gods or not to be addressed at the end of this post perhaps) and the expansion as the energy of space itself, all fit together for any of these three intelligible views of this clearer concept but less likely followed from our familiar notions as so conceived our ideas of gravity and mass and so on... by source of light I also mean the mechanism for actual and abstract motion and all such privileged views and where they may intermix or even be transcended.

* * *

Lincolm Theory

* A q=brane can be represented as a matrix as if a literal informational square, that is it has four quadrants.

* These have 4 corners (lincolms) that may link to other imagined q-branes or internally to its sub-analogs.

* The lincolms and the center of a q-brane are not necessarily off the grid (epsilon-delta honeycomb) that supports the quadrants- these are centered halfway down the main diagonal. Time in the present, relatively, is at this center.

* The natural scale of paths and histories across time relative to different centers show that actual memory between observers may be different or radically revised (thus we may be aware we forgot something or the only ones to recall what others forgot or that the actuality of what currently is shifted those actualities away.

* The so called discrete area on the surface of creative objects like a black hole is multidimensional as a qu-brane where the informational "inside" structure of such entities may be "volumes" or analogs of any shifting (HFX) dimensional relation > or = to 3.

* The source of light motion is abstractly grounded on the polar and Cartesian coordinate differences which at minimum distance and duration at the center provide a distinction or potential for the actual expression of energy as that of expansion and hierarchies of complexity in a sea of invariance as abstract continuous considerations.

* Two lincolms may occupy the same abstract space, time, or spacetime.

* Three or more designated lincolms may describe for one view an invariant area, Euclidean - these may describe a triangle (points of axes only) not clearly even under inversion as to which variety of non-Euclidean geometry means by which side of curvature is the same sort of space- but "hyper or super-inversion in abstract expansion implies these geometries dynamically may exchange ellispe like and hyperbolic like senses in regular topological spaces as the lincolm singuarity complex or points.

* The most general aspect of contiguity between centered and remote q-branes is one of super braiding n-ply group division including aspects of uncertainty and thermodynamic arrows (so grounds the idea of entropy as the arrow of complexity).

* Lincolms describe but (in a more general omnic difference) must explicitly relate to that created as the dynamics or formal or other general sources and causes of creation, both as casual and causal in views of the philosophies.

* * *

For those who feel comfortable with a closer relationship between these abstract mathematics and topologies- certainly more needs to be worked out- I am not sure what such quasic radii have to do with say other things as far a measures go like event horizons and so on... But this I do know after just looking up Gauss-Bonnet theorem of which I heard about yesterday. That it seems to me this can be generalized further from the quasic view and principles- already it is vastly generalized to include some ideas relating to super symmetry- but of course you may know all this or for sure be able to explore in these higher realms.

I especially like how it relates to genus and zero curvature and so on. And alas it does deal with the sort of boundaries which like the quasic plane I have tried to explain.

BTW I called the day right and will be a grandpa for the first time- but I do not feel old, rather I feel a wider sense of time and how we recall or not what is really a meaningful take on our own experience of our history.

* * *

The psychological comment promised earlier: This comes from talks and moods with my roommate (a schizophrenic universe could be a rough interpretation of some of these intellectual abstract physics descriptions...)
He has this great evil figure, an anti-Christ in his dreams and showed me an album cover with a dark figure in the background he saying: "This describes how I see the world" but lately he has made good progress in a new style of his art, medications allowing.

Thing is, physics strives at times to support the idea of Kings and Gods or God, and the result can be that the opposite is achieved. I think this works both ways for and against. For if we are so unified or stuck in our expression of our mind or say the genes and not somewhat relaxed- that is it is the lack of total unity of the mind that expresses some problem of relations to others as in autism... this result not the expected one. A little intelligible fragmentation seems to be a good thing.

So we desire a being that can say by negative aspects supply the self with some idea of unity or meaning- just as with computer chips teaching and cloning themselves they at first mirror the the two return in sync. So too the paradox that if we are growing and leaning- or even getting mentally better- this disconnect to certain aspects of our past experience and possibilities as negative is the cost of such transcending the current centering. Fear of the Lord the King is the method for conveying social and personal intelligibility and extended meaning.

Yet this is the old paradox, the gods and idol of what is physicality. For if we accept the Good prophet as the ultimate thing to learn from our experience and the principle to hold him up as the ideal for what we may become and how we are to live among each other and by what rights or rules we should justly hold as judgement- then the idea is after all the exception to the spiritual- that is the Christ for example in a vast universe of spiritual things stands as an incarnation into matter as matter paradoxically, the center of all such messengers confused with the message as to the certainty of meaning in the ways to view God or heaven as material or not.

Thus, in times when the concept of God as the greatest concept for physics of our inertial systems as the creationist background perhaps, this has the effect of not a good ground for general physics but a way to promote a certain mechanical idea of what say a tribal rather than universal god is and not a pure physics at all.

Yet in the more relaxed nature of physics as casual philosophy nothing forbids the actuality of the conflicts of what decides the truth of things and controls he survival and evolution, the space of a certain certainty, for those who are aware, and that is a key to learning and to sanity and to a nest for contemplation, love, and academically where enquiry should be possible, this quasi-radius of our unique being be it virtual or not as the reality- as if it does not matter as much of what we are aware beyond ourselves and each other, perhaps he path to the gods if any, but that we are so aware as if the front or source of light that grounds the act living.

* * *

The Cottonwood Tree Mocks Me

L. Edgar Otto July 9, 2011

Sometimes a poem runs composed in the background just into awareness and like when in the creative mode of writing poetry,
cosmology runs in the background- if we take time to write and recall it...

You mock me, Cottonwood tree, reaching so high with your superiority
Filling my airspace with white clouds of seeds, thick my breath of honey pollen

You stand against the fall of gravity such that you turn it on end and I am
victim of the vigilantes, falsely accused of branding cattle, crossing fences of bob-wire

So I hang strait and plumb facing the judgement of the wild frontier and prairie
But the joke is on you, cottonwood tree. Your are stuck with your shape and being

I am free to jump from mote to mote, will directions your miniscule seed cannot choose
Nor know they are more than rooted to what they chance know, that much if lucky

You are not the bench that divides the soul from the judgement, the declaration of guilt or innocence from the crime.

Nor can you be the rood that collects the origins of the voices of the choir and the shouts of the preacher-
Save it might be made of you as the rosary made of poison beads should one eat them

I recall when you had a great trunk more that fell into the river, returned to to peat and dust
You see, you do not remember this but take your wounds and scars as what you are.

* * *

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