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The Three Firmaments

The Three Firmaments L. Edgar Otto July 21, 2011

Today, at the tail end of a normal dream I was concentrating on some general logic or philosophical thoughts and found three cases. As I awakened, in the dream I reached for my pen to be sure to write it down. "But what will I call the last and more abstract quasical framework in the dream?" The inner poet in me thought Quarski (Quarks and Tarski !). But I did not write it down until posting now.

I found a poem by David King this morning which seems to metaphorically relate. This gave me an idea for the illustration not finding one on the way to the coffee shop:

I also see this Post of Lubos I find exceptional in its feeling as if that dream, dreams perhaps as confusing as the data and interpretation on these particle issues, where I see he realizes the issue of where and when to apply things that may become negative. It is as if he is reading some of the other bloggers alternative thoughts as our issues often correspond even in general disagreements- Newton gave the key idea and the details of Dirac's negative counting may not show the conclusions we make of that bit of history as science more than philosophy- also while it is true most seem to see all as positive this is not necessarily a bad thing- or it can be considered bad should we say that physics itself is too focused and narrow in the firmament that includes limitations only- what is good intuition if questioned will also question such groundings for physics- short of non-existence or substantial transcendence excluded as 4th and 5th hints of extended firmaments (also quasi-phaneron or background for terminology.) All of these variations on the firmaments should be considered not just one or two together of them- but the extreme case can be radical uncertainty as well as non-existence (some idea of what the philosophy of vacua are). It is interesting and at least close to the psychological truth for Motl to see the charts and their interpretations as inference patterns with all the debate that may imply in the slit experiments- quite beside the issue of consciousness in the mix. These statistical charts as a metalanguage! One can note the parallels in the concerns of Lubos and some of my own in these many postings.

* * *

Touching on Kea's blog I find that Penrose whom I greatly admire is 80 now. Twistors of course intimate with gravity in his system from the start. What does it matter to come late in the game and explain polytopes although this view would greatly enhance the grounding of such theories- polytopes have no gender do they? I mean if this issue is what is keeping the talents of Kea isolated (justice delayed is justice denied) then what will it matter in a hundred years? I mean, it is true in general for whatever reason there is no progress on the number of ladies in science in the USA says the news. The feminist movement has hurt science- and maybe as with other conflicts of movement it did because it caused a reactionist backlash. Or do the particles have something like gender? Like the Higgs the ladies are evolving fatter and shorter and the males thinner until the equally super mom super symmetry is excludes equal burdens merits and pay. A few queen bee breeders have most of the babies and the sterile female workers trudge on in labor and careers. We would do well to promote the study of engineering and physics for our ladies and not pretend the professional degree prepares them for life or is but an illusion of unbalanced mass as a real philosophy, feminism as a major is feminility (which is an alternative word for feminism but to the poets eye female+senility!)

Oh, when they lay off so many at Cape Canaveral what do we do with such highly trained people who layed off will get soft- and take the lesser jobs that push those with them down to the streets as in the Nixon era and these trained engineers pushing me out of the sand candle business. Bring on the Violins and question if politics know what it is doing? Hey, send some great rockets to Somalia full of water and build a new thriving town, do something in the here and now so I do not have to watch the news and see thin children too weak to chase the flies from their eyes- why try to do things in the world at all if you do them half-assed. With such disaster in the modern world I do not want to hear your whining because you are given freedom of some region surviving the wounds still there of war and mass graves (hey is it not a war crime to have a government that results in the loss of so many people- let that environment climate change be acknowledged in the cap and trade of the cost of living or have the decency to put them out of their misery outright. There are worse things than death. Humans are not meant to be just meat in the equations of the market place with old ideas that amount to slavery.

* * *

Well, back to a less ranting mode:

In the second firmament case it is clear that the issue of Pitkanen, my teleoscoping theory, the information questions in hologram volume and surfaces and so on by many, that is the way to integrate and compute some values as the roots of numbers and so on--- But is this not a matter of addition, at least in the discrete or computational algorithmic view and case? So I think that I can sort of shift the factored half 4 base codes alpha and beta (epsilon-delta) of the quasic plane so as to add them with shifts thus store the information as if a picture in the quasic field and perhaps have a qualitative gain in information into a plane. But it should be readily evident that the quasic (or n-volume) is a much more complicated case in which to perform these additions with shifts in a wider quasized space and for that matter other spaces such as Fourier dividing and phase spaces etc...

Of course just like with the realization and designation of what is signed or positive such shifts as positive when absolute have to reconcile in which every firmamental view what are the twistors in a world where in some logical sense we cannot distinguish what is addition from what is multiplication. This asserted outright is a deeper idea than wading into the sea of countless currents and orientations.

* * *

! ! ! :

Octonions anyone? 256 binary code groups focused into the more general E8 rather epigenome space?

This may be important confirmation of some of he general mechanisms in which some of us have offered speculations.

But the issue or insight Lubos raises are maybe the deeper interpretation of this mornings dream- for these concepts are after all something which combines things in some philosophic level beyond the idea of relative positives or negatives if not concerned with some sort of algebraic formalism for such things as the underlying logic of it all. Then again it may be what are extreme views of a direction in the firmament as the underlying philosophy- the old chance, mechanistic, as as in the usual hopes in such poems as in the illustration, our perception of something indefinitely more yet limited to absolutes, the teleology. Here again we find the usual paradoxes in remote thoughts and places- can we really transcend the variegated systems that ground our reality? Can it be that in the vague concept of heaven it in the end is something to which we can approach and design its potential here and now on earth? But in a way, would even this not be a closed reality? One thing for sure, this issue at the frontier of applications to science seems to apply to philosophy also- or are these co-existent things like two substances, an interrelation we compute as to working together or making the other extinct by the usual considerations of evolution struggle and phase space on all levels, or that from the view of a possible totality in the reality of our experience of being that we are only beginning to understand the limits of transcending our physicality and the laws of logic and physics in our age still a child to what we may become?

Is the man, the primitive punch rather than slice at the core of what cannot be mirrored when there is but one element of a series of binary numbers, more of a visual creature than the yang mystique of woman? Do we as a life form choose that the cost of such differentiation of gender and replication is worth it in terms of ergonomic and economic sense- if in our myth of it all we can legitimately ask such a question and it have overall sound meaning? But why not this be part of an undifferentiated background or firmament in our dreams as well in our dust, inheritance? I worked some of his out in the dream with colored discs on a plane, and it is a reduction that retains intelligible meaning- these correspondences are after all the middle firmament, the functions and useful trends and information, the business of technology and science as a unique realm- and it thus is adaptable and indeed is firm as well. In simple counting and the sometimes magical manipulation and casting of symbols the myths compound if we pay attention to them as well as the nature of numbers as we encounter culture and that culture also finds correspondences in what we perceive, and what we envision, all the give and take of our sentience and physical development that responds to what we may find or even manufacture from design based on standard laws and first principles not yet encountered in space.

Perhaps, the issue of good and evil is not as distinct as in the drive for the separation in Western culture- or that evil cannot win so we feel immune to ideas we demonize our responsibility in our freedom for our actions. This bother is not good reason to apply our system models on others- nor a guarantee any such mixing of the firmaments when that opens up things way beyond the doorway into us of evil that the better in our human spirit can for long be subdued and contained, such is the frontier of the face of general space for the particles.

* * *

Just saw a follow up to Lubos post- excellent! and he made a connection which I do not think I posted but thought- the idea of memories as such and Bayesian considerations has to fit in to the general scheme somewhere. An informative post.

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