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Science Truths Beyond New Myths of Science Fiction

Science Truths Beyond New Myths of Science Fiction L. Edgar Otto July 20, 2011

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Well, I will skip the sci fi for awhile as interesting as such speculation may be for the next generation- collect more ideas. Anyway some of it I discussed on facebook with my son looking for a job after his schooling. The social media can be distracting but that is how it has been in the succession of media, radio, television, LP's, computers, games, interactive games, social networks... all of them promising a more universal education but most we cannot resist for the virtual bubble, technical man.

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There are several ways to think about movement through space and time, and where are in it that from our position and stance it is not clear which direction things seem to flow, this a principle as basic as Riemann we could expand upon a little.

* As a working hypothesis and experimental theory, for the sake of better understanding the deep connections and disconnects, the unification of at least other proposed frameworks, alternative ideas offered by those as new physics, that these may be primary to the actual reality of physics, or give us steps to a higher physics, these secondary methods and insights, or proven myth relavant only in useful metaphors for our time, I assert:

*1 In the quasic background, obvious and seemingly logically neutral, a debate as to what in it is related to arithmetical and topological backgrounds, we can say there is a unique and ideal, not necessarily scaled (quasic) ordering of positions and interrelated positions in general spacetime.

*2 These are related in the Arquasic (Arcadian view) as if embedded in at least nine natural dimensions as a TGD framework. The 14 points excluding the end and beginning positions of a four-space matrix of 16 positions is an "ideal" and dimensionally a unique Associahedron for the compass of said dimension.

*3 For obvious algebraic reasons related to absolute values, signs, complexification, invariants and determinants, we imagine abstract motions alternatively changing signs, such that when formally restricted (ideal) to a quasic region of so many dimensions, this represents the concept of a structure (regardless if we choose to distinguish the ideas of what are even and odd description of numbers and the connectivity of dimensions, 0 or 2 as sum of elements) these represent and motivated variations beyond the ideal for the compass of a field and dynamic expression, where the landscape of manifolds such as simple knots, the "crossovers" of braiding across the general 512 (p-adic?) Phenoquasic plane representation.

*4 If we accept as a quantum principle that a path integration (in an matrix of infinite extent) contributes to that observed, and the decay products are enumerated in formulas or as finite possibilities (super-symmetry at the foundations limited as if excluded beyond experimental observation), then the possibilities of what we may see of the occurrence of decay modes at random and relative to the state of the observer, these also are so limited.

As always one should ask the question even of crossover values if there are neutral states of zero crossover at some level of dimensions. Other than the deep philosophic problem of the identity of the many and the few we should ask if given an ideal model that so encompasses all logical discourse and at the remote values of things if contained by at least the idea of higher potential infinities- can we go beyond this system. This can lead to some rather interesting new physics and explanations that even surpasses what passes for the currency of ideas in the most advanced of our projects of science fiction.

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This is worth reading today- I am not sure I can access the story- but yes, it is sad we are retreating from the era of space. If we can dare to lasso the moon then surely we are strong enough to survive the harsh weather when our vital theories dare being on a ledge.

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