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Junk DNA and Calculationg p-adic Integrals

Junk DNA and Calculating p-adic Integrals
L. Edgar Otto July 18, 2011

I had no results from one exploration of the TETRONIC view of the post of yesterday worth posting. But along the way certain ideas seem to come up. This is not a theory among theories that exists so as to convince someone, to sell an idea such as dark this or that- such ideas have no price- we can live without the justification of some over-theory of credit or economic superstructure or imposed medicine.

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So, trying to understand this- and what Ulla said I commented on Pitkanen's remote DNA recent blogpost.

ThePeSla said...

Ulla, in Matti's article above a link to:

"the chromosome sizes within each eukaryotic species are actually similar rather than drastically"

It an interesting but not surprising result. The DNA acts like a reverse rubber band at some point in the scale to our normal experience of rubber bands.

The arteries and vein are a cable system that conveys information of structure if you must have a physical concept. And the frequency Matti talks about is experimentally connected to the general structure (as well as the position of things) for it can regrow muscle nerve bones, the whole works over three inches or so- thus some limbs do not need to be amputated since this (Pearsons, the guy who said you can say anything in a text book and he who passed out Nobel prizes). Is this DNA related? Some vague field with lines of force? Some correspondence of chromosome size and random data? Or the general picture of things as point positions and position complexes?

Hmmmm, perhaps this frequency coming from the HAARP program is playing with the context of our perception in our heads and making our skulls rather thick. :-)

The PeSla

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It was very hot last night (yeah, I am not alone, and well the global warming issue is one of those of which the ideology either way can be seen as harmful in retrospect.) Hey, I have a cell phone now- let me see, in 2006 the administrator of the tech school (I needed the ability and access to metal working for the candle molds) said I was not ready to go to school and that "to be honest with you it is unlikely you will be admitted if you do not have a cell phone to call you." Well, that and the damn university here (hey guys I have my certified birth certificate now you insisted I needed- so now I can go to school and get my GI Bill - I mean just yesterday it showed on tele how the children of migrant workers got thru college and got degrees- must be important- hey, why could I not get a fruit picking job in Florida when I tried back when? Anyway, not a good time in the heat to be thinking about these things- especially running out of intense directions for thoughts and writing. And I have to put up with the drunks and mentally ill- the one who was fired and in the nut house recently for plotting to go postal on his managers. But they did not give him even a change on his meds. At least he knew not to mix the pot and the booze. I cannot compete with the mentally ill! Not economically and those who make a living with them running the streets and beating up the disabled and so on... "Hey, next time you think about that I have a list for you myself!" "Oh, and maybe some of the shrinks should be on that list." It calmed him down until we could talk art and his future.

Maybe history does go thru some inevitable changes in progress- one mans junk genes is another woman's whole life to make scientific progress in the soccer wars. The woman are then new oppressed minority it seems and the blacks should be left behind again to sacrifice that woman can rise to her equal place.---Wait, it turns out that the gay-lesbians are now the group to be given rights- the next great historical movement 150 years after the civil war. The women will be left behind as surely as the blacks. In fact we can sum it up this way : Pink is the new Black!

I guess if you know who killed Kennedy you are branded as worse than a nut case.

My point is that the idea of junk genes is rather romantic- yet I did not see them as junk and well, I do not think the term is considered accurate these days.

But romantically: clearly your closest relatives are not full of just selfish genes but selfish junk genes- it is even worse when they do not resemble you because already like a new car leaving the sales lot its value is one half- that the cute kid contains the worst alcoholic genes and other issues of your spouse. Not to say one should just clone oneself or ones tribe as the best model (well, the inbred Jewish bankers seems to endure and aid sound economics).

But there are connections in the "sheets of deep or dark space time" between two people. It is a good description and would be an action at a distance if there were distance as such. I mean, not only do I sense the junk DNA that seems in the main to be less dominant than what survives for most genes unmasked are lethal. Sometimes I see the junk gene minds come out and the true picture of just what makes up someone I have encountered who seemed so sound- or someone unsound who as if with a romantic soul the goodness and sensibility comes out.

Anyway, one way I thought of answering the p-adic question of Matti was to take a look at these chromosomal like tunnels as the literal picture and a neutral one in space... after all we can have a physics described by position and points only or we can have, so it would follow and for functions with one to many-values if such things are in a general sense functions, - That the totality or structure of the compass and topology of such a position cone in general is also a description of gene expression, both "darkly" and in its products. Either description will do and comes close, too close to the fundamentals as say arithmetic to see clearly even as a continuous and determined thing, the theory and picture. This is why it is hard to get a good picture of oneself and if it is clear enough as emotionally neutral as every one things they are unique and full of ultimate meaningful high school drama or that they are not manipulated to politically feel the same thing as their army buddy's as to how bad it is to withdraw from Afghanistan- little miss poetess who wanted equality of women- now on leave as pregnant. Deep perhaps in the myth that after Vietnam-ization we will welcome her home and she can compete with all the other state paid mercenaries who do not understand what it was to be drafted or the threat of the draft. And the yellow ribbons and gold star mothers- a cruel way to make a constituency so to firm up the vote who think they are not addicted to the dole of the government once removed by contractors and contracts- as surely as the mentally ill do not think they are so- or that the criminal thinks most others are too stupid to do crimes.

A golden prime is a number that can only be divided by itself and a power of the golden section.

These somehow are related to patterns by the binary coordinates- and most likely the simple 4D structures have to separate out the powers of 5 x tau^n

... this looked promising but is not so far. Of course the singularity and singularity complex idea applied to the tetron-orthogons as algebraic structures do demonstrate the general idea of quasicity- but can it so compute the integrals even when it is understood that such a combination of binary structures each linear have all of the structural complexities of the various planes in conception.

Still, that the next highest constructable power and next lowest being excluded from the scale of the useful information and lifespan of an organic creature is interesting in that such a matrix would indicate an imbalance of symmetry of computation of that plane matrix- the odd things that happen when we add zero to some power of the structures involved to equal every element in the matrix to that power.

The result of this sort of quasi-magic squaring is that if we accept the general Tetronic view we accept that on linear and non-linear levels the matrices are inherently asymmetric along some action or motion diagonal. This sort of vague idea seems a little sounder than some principles, and perhaps, just perhaps, this is a measure of sanity more than genius that we can so distinguish such principles in levels and degrees of abstraction.

But lately, as I observe or hear or read the frontier theories of others I get the feeling I am talking to myself at an earlier time- In fact, I am talking to the set of lethal or junk genes I had then to try to grasp what is important in life and love and theory.

But it has been awhile now since the start of a journey along some line of idea has let me down- I almost forgot that could always happen. This problem of primes and how it fits into the physics of things must be a most difficult problem even when put into simple questions after all- a frustrating problem too- A hot pot of chili a bear steals and it burn him so he tries to crush it tighter.

It is honorable to be a hairdresser... no openings in the computer or welding or accounting departments here- well, there are in hairdressing! You see we humans from long ago in our evolutions glean the lice from each others hair- that or we braid and cut each others hair, dye it, put it into great loops of designs. Maybe if we are not honest and want a little privacy we dab a little dye on the gray- (not me, I am not even a member of the AARP). All the theoretical Nit pickers, stylists, hard to do when you try to talk to me Pe Sla, a vanished nova still basking in the light of his dreams of revenge and trying to quell them, nothing to lose, free range indian scandalous to the dancing with horse hockey by the masses, and of course it translates Old Baldy.

If you as a member in ignorance of some society accept the deteriorating political climate- well, enjoy your delusion while you can that you can make a difference for others and your life means something or could mean it special with a little work- and that you are not just the sometimes noticed major part of humanity, the forgotten genes and junk DNA.

* * *

How is it the cells of heart tissue seem immortal and synchronize their beating and compromise the beat if tissue from another heart is introduced- or that in a membrane filled with heart tissue it not only organizes itself into a heart with the usual vortex making valves- but it beats... if not such a source of structural information part of which is in the genes, all this seen as dark or not?

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I wonder sometimes if people falling apart, their integrity and strength of their immune systems after a battle, if it is not their own fault- a stumbling at least into some maladaptive stance into areas they have not bothered or knew to think about. That and a sort of over redundancy which is too much caution for a stable system.

So this guy comes up to the benches in the morning and borrows a cigarette from the ex-marine. The compare their experiences and it seems friendly enough but things deteriorate when the rather liberal marine and the rather conservative (he said he was in the army but now we are not sure if anything he said was true.) So he notices the purple heart on the marine's vehicle. "If you tell me how you got your wound I will tell you how I got mine." he says to the marine. Somewhere along the way of say avoiding the draft or trying out for officers school and so on- which the army dude turned into a pissing contest if not an inter branch rivally- he said it was a conspiracy to mess up his chances to be an officer and women should not be in the military (which is a point of view but rather rude to the lady on the bench nearby who is to do duty in Afghanistan when her pregnancy is over- having gone thru basic training and being liberal is a little miffed as to why she voted for Obama.)

So the army guy said to him- "Oh, so you wanted to sign up so to avoid the draft evasion consequences- I suppose that makes you a coward." At that point it turned out to go down hill including- "you were in jail again and just another AA retard" of course the marine apologized for saying that later as a mean thing to say and knowing some of the AA guys would have his back, as I would, if it came to a fight.
The army dude also said he was not afraid of his dog- "I know that dog and it would be a mistake I said." Being a nice and family coffee shop the marine and the dog tried to walk away but the army dude (or did he say navy dude, did not say marines) followed him menacingly.

I would have not let more than one punch occur. But it got me thinking of an old Buddhist saying - as sweet as revenge is when you have had things, important things, taken from you and have nothing else to lose, that it is as hard, takes as much courage, to walk away from an argument as it is to fight. So I think, that if the dude walked toward him to fight in a sense he is the one acting like a coward.

So, who won the argument and who will be less in the retreat (after all I knew the old marine vet could barely lift things so would not fare well in a fight)? But the problem seems to be that in the arbitrary decisions of the government and the so called individuals who represent it, if indeed there is in effect a conspiracy to do this and that to someone for the sake perhaps of the trends of the day- that the sob's know your limits, know who after all are the ones who will not go postal- that raises the bar of doing things for the existential hell of it. Yet in a backward way if we want civilian law and control, as with most citizens they are not made easily to vanish without a trace as can happen, but in the end the government depends and counts on their innate humanity in times of crisis.

Yet as in the Buddhist tradition the squeaky wheel of karma does not get the oil and one really cannot expect to count on others or be rewarding for doing good or even that there is justice in the main for those who work evil in this world. Not here and perhaps not in the hereafter- despite the hopeful code of the young Ben Franklin that turns the sunset of a nation into the sunrise and is wise as a founding father.

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More comments to Pitkanen here related (not to the rant part :-)


Would it matter if these mass calculations were summed (or as a product or root as I agree is a good procedure to find a common ground for such considerations of numbers as well the halving of things were he raw idea of 512 and so on may have to be considered in unified space beyond our ideas of distribution algebra) started from a sort of point or perhaps as radius of some sorts over the range of these primes? I mean are you not in effect assuming that the gluons have a certain significant mass and perhaps charge greater than zero?

Of course glad to see you trying to apply these ideas to closer concerns of physics than say remote water structures.

If that is the case for gluninos and what have you (or any other structural or no particle like my iotas) would it not be that we have to solve where in a Fibonacci series over the compass to integrate just why the subscripts can show which is prime?

The PeSla (most likely still missing something in the details if not the essential point of your vision.)

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But I cannot keep up the commentary without a direct dialog.

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L. Edgar Otto facebook status:
Now I have a phone, at the rate I am making calls - well there is 248 out of 250 minutes left before they vanish in 90 days. Now what was the point of having a cell phone? Call me, or you can do so now since you asked I get one. Hey, I scared a drunk away last week who thought I was dialing something. Works like a great clock though.

Later comment:

it is not about the phone but the sobs that screwed up the tech school when that could have made a difference saying it was unlikely if I did not have a cell phone- I should call them and say hey six yrs ago I got a cell phone now, any hairdresser courses open? :-):-)

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well, after a few hours of air conditioning in the coffee shop things look a little better ( so I go shirtless last night and up early must have excited my neighbor... but I just did some mindless watching the news anyway. Not much for writing or thinking so surprised this such a long post.) I just talked to a future teacher of biology and another in the program in Madison and feel encouraged that the quality of our talks and the enthusiasm to teach and do research and be aware of other fields related show hope for the next generation of scholars.

A Child Imagines Falling Down the Wall Paper
L. Edgar Otto July 18, 2011

One metaphorical thought lately, the old wall paper as a child of the Chinese fisherman repeated and I imagining if I jumped off the pier down to the same scene again, forever down... such metaphors at least for me influential on the interest to observe and evaluate how the world seems to work around me. Then a three dimensional dream some years later the seeming fall to other levels of the universe and some dead ends and some radically different on some points and the start from a star-ship where we can touch the wall or screen to go down that constellation- and so on... Yet, from the human viewpoint we tend to stay in our same ruts and rituals and only slowly are things changed or disturbed- is it worth the trouble to do certain things or get involved with people save from a safe distance?

But the walls change anyway. We find ourselves in different places far from those we have known who are also in different places- yet we are on the same screen if we dare to touch rather than work the light and blinds to be seen and to see. That is how can we deal with the loss of love and loved ones when they are in theory still the same people in the same relationship we knew... But from a philosophic stance I personally can only sympathize with their own need for time and traps of ritual and if they think about it the consequences of what they did or think as their decisions and so on for in the fall and the forgetfulness not all can come back to where it was. Yet, for the regret and sense of some things- we have never left nor lost what now seems established in some sort of time- I wish I could say this better, I sympathize with myself also a lesser being, instar, me but in a distance as if the wave must return to some height on the beach in cycles and we find ourselves there again- half ready to forget the washing out of past and half way understood things and the desire to write again upon the sand as if this time it will not wash away.

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