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The Chiral Anomaly

The Chiral Anomaly L. Edgar Otto July 8, 2011

In view of my explorations in the quasic and new physics I am not quite satisfied with the role of chirality and how it works in the universe- in a manner that may lead to further generalizations. My speculations here border on issues we think of as the paranormal on one hand- and the great questions we now ask as to something along the lines of why there is an imbalance of matter and anti-matter.

I have speculations but am not sure how or if they apply. I am not satisfied with the metaphysics either. Kea has an interesting post to quote that some have realized the M type theories are about braids "Now that some people have realised that M Theory is all about triple braids and ribbons,..." It is worth pointing out that this Triality of things as a mechanism has long been a result of the quasic formulism especially where the reading of the genome is involved. But at that level we have the same question a the beginning of an organism as to what overall directionality it develops even if in the general question we are not sure of the organic origins of preference for the right and left of things of molecules with non mirror differences as its sub-systems. Yet it is not clear that Arcadian new physics and the Arquasic interpretations are more than parallel mechanisms. In the Pitkanen rendition is also a parallel to the Arcadian physics as both seem to suggest that within some range or scale we can make knots of a sort even of the higher sheets- yet, with all such comprehensive and frontier theories we can still have the same old questions as to how well we can understand the idea of directionality involving remote infinite dimensions in the more advanced math.

[My son just came in for his birthday so I will post the considerations of last night and an illustration later when time permits...]

Multi-ply Density and Chiral Difference Concerns
"Socks and Shoes" of Leibniz in the matter of discerning the indiscernible I, feeling the need for a firmer grounding for these chiral ideas and topology in the new physics, present these raw speculations of which I am not quite satisfied:

*0 With a little imagination we can understand we may live in a sort of two dimensional world only.

*1 The remote aspects of scale in the illusion-like depth of three or greater space is progressively more granular (A child may see the stars, may realize what he sees is full of color and depth, with a telescope the galaxies are not that invisible or he may with a microscope look a little deeper and see the dust that makes the world on the cellular level. But from his own view his is a continuous being.)

*2 Yet no matter how far out there remains a continuous unified system space that is quasi-multi-ply to which intelligible functions are embedded in.

*3 The imagined continuous plane or sphere (Riemann-like) involved can be independent of the discrete and continuous groups of rotations used to describe it.

*4 The remote scales can match the remote limits of a Quason, either way to a singularity or a singularity complex at the extremes (of an orthogon unto the compass of the considered dimension).

*5 The quasic field in depth is discrete and ordered in that symmetry while not the sphere or K group and where so may be transitive in chirality across levels and generations.

*6 Unto the complexity of the quasic grid dimension the remote singularities correspond to self dual structures (such as the tetrahedron or the 24-cell).

*7 The multi-ply (geometrical) density does not necessarily reenter into the same region but can at least be triplicate in its weaving, such that there are remote neutrino's or bottom quarks as mirror considerations of such grounding.

*8 Fixed objects like triangles drawn on the quasic plane may rotate, and abstractly the plane can be said to rotate or not in its totality.

*9 The sphere (halo) and the disc may independently and disconnectedly rotate separately and in separate directions.

*10 Hidden spiral depth and span sunflower topology (or the other default spiral concepts in a dimension that seems a result of pressure) may describe spirals as dynamic or by default of quadratic but axes varying and even chance considerations.

*11 The relative lifetime interval (and subsystem changes) of chirality or not along the way between remotes of depth and span is a sort of invariance as a principle in the general quasic plane.

*12 Depht and span temporal multi-plycity distinction of directionality as to the crossing in analogs to higher dimensional knots, without twinning, musdt relate to complex vortex mirror in the quasi-continual infinite paths. (the concept of reincarnation and resonance fractal like is not necessarily actuality for the Eddington number and configuration of atoms repeated in an infinite space may suggest on a less general level a sort of soul or self as corpuscular invariant and roughly unique in its idempotent numbering.

In a sense the universe as triality has a vortex to infer certain chiral relations to the existing rest of the world- and it can also hint at least of an anti-world which is not imaginary as a mirror as such- and thus between them a neutral world. It remains to be seen if the plus and minus of the worlds exhibit absolutely the same place or phenomenon or an unseen alternative place beyond the ultranscontinuum.

In a sense these considerations of the quasicontinuum ask of it that aspect of this as a dynamic space with a sense of memory, the neotericontinuum that these concepts are omnically resolved.

But we understand locally that the various levels of the quasic states as a sphere in its symmetric K rotations may be also directed in the vortex or anti-manner as if the surface aspects (or its relation to the open fractal volume aspects, +1) is such that the growing complexity toward the remote preserves the chiral sense down several levels. This sort of general stereonometry for chirality does seem to permit a level of vibration and that of other standard invariant forms in the math, as it grounds the brane or overbrane as local and non-local space.

We understand this difference of local and not local essential to the grounding of what is to be discerned as chiral in a direction (or if that direction does not matter in a given space) We can flip some spiral on a disc if it only can be turned in three space and not just it may change its handedness flipped through higher space.

It is to be expected that at the remote of a few generations of particles within some group and dimension considerations (and not the obsolete ideas of say the field of partons to determine some mass or quarks as such and so on- Lincoln mentions this but not in a way that teaches the student on the philosophychatforum who does not respond in a way that will consider this despite his sense of possible new applications to biology (in a recent posting). Such partial ideas can be a bottleneck to progress and are most likey a matter of power and politics and funding.

It is uniformly clear that a self dual particle may distinguish the local and non-local remote dynamic in the depth and span of quasic space as to its handedness and ability to move or not abstractly to some other form of coordinates. But in general the lack of total symmetry of the formulations of Maxwell is reflected in the heart of this speculation as well in the experimental observations for this issue of a monopole. At least conceptually quasicity may resolve this imbalance and perhaps reach out for a better grounding of the question at hand.

* * *

Twins, who supposedly have a extra-sensory link if that can go beyond the synchronicity where thermodynamically an intelligible model, the claim to viewing into the future and the past- is a metaphysics on the frontier of science perhaps with its traditions. Yet, as if to see one's own anti-verse, we really do not exceed the totality nor transcend the idea of intuition of what cannot be proven as vortex empty as some other- yet twin (humans) may engage the world on a slightly higher level is if quadrapoles and beyond- if they cannot interfere with each other. I think of this sort of thing as questions of similarity as the philosophical issue and find it interesting the claims of the ladies who have a good track record on some predictions before the fact- like the 911 incident where the government shut down their site for awhile but will consult them (does the govt know something more is going on here or is it just cautious to keep ahead of unforeseen breakthrough surprises that may arise in nation-state competition and security? I quite imagine that on the unknown frontier we do not see threats but cannot claim we understand exactly what is happening including why we have such metaphysical concepts that seem intelligible. But these are deeper questions still about the actual and the real. If these people can do what they say then all people can and it is clear that those in the know will be no threat or its results that matter- nor would an individual who was in the know be vulnerable to any such threat from the state. In any case the concept of time is still to be researched better in its connection to these models of symmetry and reality.

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