Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Noether and Noetics

Noether and Noetics
L. Edgar Otto July 13, 2011
(PQ-brane TGD, Q-brane p-adic TGD, draft project proposed from Pitkanen's stance of a more quantized continuity of higher space fields.)

*0 The system is interger quantized along the root factor vectors of the boundary of a general brane and these also have such multiple informational (numerical) dimensions.

*1 As we define distance and dimensions alternatively, let us define a "density" of p-adic numbers unto the dimension level and call them quantized sheets, thus to define "curvature".

*2 At eight dimensions as commensurable the length has a curvature of zero, infinite so Euclidean on these abstract dimensionless scale backgrounds.

*3 The concept of a spacious "Line" of force distinct from the space or area-volume it is in and its integral but ordered endpoints is distinct as wormholes and their "mouths". These are "area" branes as natural factors of higher "volume" and strives to combine holographic and fractal ideas into this formal and physical distinction.

*4 The distance between two p-adic integer function points is a linear quantum jump of a phantom, dark-like, mirror, or zero distance- or a hidden measure by some relative threshold measured by replicated quanta idempotency of the presumed indistinct non-linear multivalues reduced to some null background.

*5 The logic of the Arquasic plane sequence may loop Cartesian methods described (I see the interest in the great new curves from his analytic geometry that followed his methods- perhaps the chain curve and say other quadratics ones may relate to some non integral difference of the measure of action in some plane.)as if complex planes and the volume to area, n+1 to n dimensions as clear quadrature functions on a fractal order may exclude certain nodes of the quasic plane for wormhole coordinate mouth locations.

*6 Consider the "volume" arithmetic, a p-adic p-brane squared of its prime Pikanen spectrum and the corresponding informational properties to explore.

*7 The excluded nodes may by structural default reintegrate from the formalism of coincident (non-local to local) PQ-branes to permit a shadow physicality where numbers meet the physical law in our real and abstract concepts of space.

*8 Or homeopathy, such creative but restrained and random QM fields take a sort of logarithmic or relativistic time unto such sheet level dimensions where remote dimensions and continuity (as if a hierarchy of say Euler's constant) can globally and totally vanish.

*9 There is a level of abstraction where the Triality and Conway matrix in a root area boundary vector unifies the thermodynamic density and arithmetic's of the higher unified fields. This applies also to the super-singular primes of symmetry theory.

*A In that consciousness may be described as psychical or mechanical formulas as equivalent (Penrose) and these seen unified on the QM level (Bohm) PQ-brane perspective may reverse these notions (anti- or counter- Bohm) where in familiar space these are not a dualism so factored on a lower level so unified. The physical problem is what abstract information seems duplicated or lost in the more general view of space or in is simplifications.

*B The various forms of DNA, RNA etc should not be seen, although actualities, as evolutionary coincidence only, but also mathematical and structural that these intelligibly arise as the possible.

* * *

I hope this is a worthy start for dialog and new breakthroughs... I note Lubos has a good article also today on renormalization... that is why I included him in the tongue in cheek proton of theoreticians in the illustration- it seems we have separate emphasis on some general philosophic ideas. BTW, I do not think we have mastered the infinite quite yet and we do need wider verification for things like renormalization and the deeper mechanism that makes asymptotic freedom possible.

* * *

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