Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the Ludicrousity of Luminios, Phaneron Wave Mechanics

On the Ludicrousity of Luminios

Now the Aristotelian model just presented most likely appears quaint and old fashinoned, outdated, obselete and viewed not to be taken seriously beyond artful entertainment, for some as ludicrous. But the same has been said for the idea of luminos (llm), by Heinz Pagels I believe. In high school and for one of the few of my poems that were based on scientific speculation (the craters of the moon- read mars; the tectonic plates- when S. America and Africa threw; ideas before the physical discovery) the idea of neutrinos as a "cause" for earthquakes was about these opaque and neutral like particles.

What after all is the change of generations and maybe analogs of generations at perhaps a wider time scale? Such "luminios" materially the pointless continuous spin of monads without windows through the Earth from outside? (We imagine that as with Aristotle the objects can spin in circular motion but not linear so as not to reach the infinite or make a vacuum- thus we reasonably conclude that in some reference of intelligibility we do have to add force to sustain and change an object's motion.)

The phyllotaxis of the galactic disk then a dynamic and dialectical interplay and not just neutral artifacts of multiplication or 3-space scalars on the dark matter sphere of the galaxy. The variation of climate due in part to the entry of the Earth periodically to the galactic plane and in terms of such opaque rotation a physical interpretation of what we mean by electric and magnetic fields(read spheres) and cause and reason for inertial frame behavior and the reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles.

Let us speculate then on the dark or nightlight. We could suggest this "continuum"(read metacontinuum) has its own inverted duration of invariant speed and is also quantized. A modification of Newton or a Higgs field effect but incomplete ideas that are also not seen dynamically quasized as are string vibrations. This apparent super Non-Euclidean equivalence higher gravity as if quasi-quantized as lumino quanta( an artifact of gravity opaque and independent) the creative aspect and climate points to the black hole light regions a the center of the galaxy emitting an integer number of them, and intelligible measure of the interger differences of the number of them.

The galactic creation needs not happen all at once. Some happening can still be a dynamic influence for the physics - ideas of pair production as a source of nova energy and the rapid release of objects in closer proximity may be indempotently a general 2 to the nth pair production mathematics.

* * *

Phaneron Wave Mechanics

*The Creation field as a neutral independent background (the term I also use following Martin Gardner is Phaneron) may have a physics of quasic entities which unlike in quantum theory may be cloned by a two to the nth factor.

*Matter or a special coordinate itself may in effect cause the finitude and exclusion of antimatter (hyperbolic field invariant) of Riemannina space yet (as Platonic they act in relation to fundamental real number theory) we can present an idea of a metric for the Euclidean space and even a variable scale of mixtures of such spaces.

*By intelligibility I also mean conservation of energy and motion of 2 brane flatness of stable circular and elliptical orbits. Yet these can be stable not centered on a star or special coordinate (and is akin to vortex theory or in organisms the dead zone where the not centered orbits pass through space within a star like object aware of it on some level or not). The intelligibility or geometry conserved is the change and conservation of physics within it as the generalized universal conservation laws that are fundamental grounding of existence. Some of the stable circular orbits as inverse square regions have orbits that pass throug the interiors of material and quasic creative objects.

The complex plane and the quasic plane (perhaps given ambiguous looping in linear telescoping or 2 to the nth double quadratic relations- is there a dark antimatter?) can also although Euclidean from some view as a physicality vibrate with quasic tesselated spherical harmonics.

Now, we can ask what happens when two quasic or branes intersect in a pixel or point considering that different regions in the plane unto enough dimensions beyond the fixed properties of mathematics and the relative vanishing of time or place centered on some scales of extension. In this pixel we can have a wide range of commensurable or smudged laws of neutral and fixed spaces- and the calculus of this would be useful in the multiverse and cloned regions to vary and see the quasic averaging of the phaneron of what is fixed in spacetime. Perhaps to measure the intelligence in the design.

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