Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry as Dreams in Parallel Universes of Lovers

Poetry as Dreams in Parallel Universes of Lovers, an example of some of these ideas applied beyond the 4G clouds of translation perhaps- Is not physics and mathematics also about the recurrence of parallel patterns, somewhere meaningful rhyme?

Postmodern Entanglement
03-15-10 L. Edgar Otto

Touch follows your light into my dreams
the LED blinks the unset time on my broken clock radio
My roommate cannot sleep, nor meditate green but in
his cave free of smoke alarm indicators and starlight

Yet I can leave the monitors and music on, still
you break through my deep naps of too few hours
The imagined graffiti, tangled words collage at my core cannot hide
the parallels of poetry of your nakedness in morning's mirror

I missed the springing forth, less your winter layers
playing my exotic electric guitar loudly at the frontier of my soul
Yet your stretch and yawn breaks through ear bursting jazz and bluesy rock
our hourglasses empty we sipping coffee facing away together from windows

Pretending to tiptoe not to awaken me, your kitchen belly dances and
I not drawn away from the open mike unreality that guards my sleep

* * *

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