Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quasic Determinism as Materialist Diseases of the Developing Mind

This illustration is a modification of the research of the developing brain, at least from the gray matter shell of our cosmological mapping of our brain as it evolves with the holographic depth of our broken and integrated experience of mind. found through links

Quasic Determinism as Materialist Diseases of the Developing Mind Leonard Edgar Otto March 31, 2010

Considering the conservation of intelligibility a purely materialist view of the brain, if we indeed consider the mind and its development and the universe in general as intelligible in design then this view also is an important and fundamental part of the picture. The same can be said for a purely geometric or psychological view. While it shows the fragility of our mind-brains as complex a thing it is encountered so far in the universe if not the most complex, it grounds some theories of the psych that has been seen as a cruder science than most.

This is true for example if we have to show what is normal development or part of the cycle of adaptibility of the brain. Surely, if the changes, especially on the outer cortext as if a deterioating, growing or chaning front are subject to a concrete influence of mental trauma, and for survival the memories for example are looped and more readily bound by say the emotion of fear some things may be accessible to heal from what can be seen as disease by psychodynamics alone. Yet in these pictures and view there seems to be even a certain sense of quasical determinism which for individuals suggests- and perhaps depressingly so- that little can really be done to cure some in stray mental branches of our species. Then again we are just beginning to understand things on the chromosome and gene levels.

Yet if nothing else the falsifiable quasic view may go a long way to make useful classifications of our mental states and even suggest an intelligible way to extend them to other designs of our genetics and parallel effects of the chemistry of it all.

* * *

The Book of Bonpa L. Edgar Otto March 31, 2010 Wheaton, Illinois

The tree of awareness within we behold from a small breadth of distance
as if we were God's-eye in view, perhaps with human Lucy ape eyes

So, our first songs we project on the unclear clouds and wind of nothingess
and the cycles become unglued, we squirell-like hop between or only dwell on branches

As if we could hide on the other side of the Northern face from the cold wind
where all such trees in forgetful summer spin around us or we around them

I do not know if the total vision of my own is sound I only know the viral worms
caused you to become unwound and fear fed on itself conjured some demon giant

Or the tree one night you spoke too and to which you made love while the night watchman
came out to see what was the noise shined his flashlight and shook his head

How can we know any voices are not our own who cry out in the soft flesh that cannot feel
physical pain but only indirectly where the plasma crosses and the leaves fall or
buds spring?

In your sleep walking you search with firelight and it burns the outside world down yet
you do not recall as we revel in the lights of firetrucks emergency crews blames faulty wiring

* * *

Still, this new being that you are, the grasping in free fall for the self or the glide
down on flying squirel wings to some solid ground meditating softly

Struggles just as hard for its survival, flees from the shell of knowing good and
evil some deep language of your art and yes the same old story

That once we have tasted the evergreen and felt betrayed and tempted by the apple
we look into the vague unknown of our music within for some tree of life

But take what you can from the mystery of life, the branches sometimes fall and the palm grow
top down in aging memory, cling to your creativity

Sometimes we as stars are flung out of the global cluster and only there is all right that
we are not failed stars but a place where life can arise and pruning survive new night terrors.

* * *


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