Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bog Turtles (on the periphery of the quasic sheet flow)

Bog Turtles (on the periphery of the quasic sheet flow)

I. 03-07-10 Thanks to Molly- the environmentalists have good points in the new vision.

The general picture of quasic space gives new insights to how we exist in this world in our environs and carved out niches. We are like the bog turtles? And is Bog not the Slavic for the God? who exist in the mud mostly but require an open sky, not the drained or flooded wetlands, not the natural canopy of maple woods. And on the whole though some are crushed by the hovels of bison and ground sloughs the species survive- their intricate phase space relations, their acidic blueberries and cranberries to their color eyes who see in five space really, note the orange neck to link to its own kind.

Such life arises on the perhiphery, where the landmasses meet the seas, on the beach or around the ponds in expanding scales the turtles on turtles who seek to establish themselves as if worlds on worlds on shells. Inside and outside their part of the changes that remains the same. Not so the loss outside their radius of uncertainty the inward or outwards of their sphere and domain- the way to the higher things if they exist and yet the memory in the gravity and entropy of it all.

We can map that inside from that outside- say the pathways of our mind over time. Recall the childhood fears and joys before the awakening of imagined and instructive demons. How sweet the flow of time beyond the question of before if there is a beginning- far from some unacceptable end. Remember the angel wings in the closet, the evil eyes in the sky or under the bed- the stupid stepping on us if we are not lucky of flus or war that we walk with healed broken shells the gods and seemingly unconcerned adults not careful, mindful of their seeds as if they thought themselves gods in the given and mundane that they are totally free to choose in this world, to live, to make a big deal out of the outward things and the estimations of each other.

II. 03-06-10 Further thoughts on Quasic Space and Entropy

*Defining entropy as canceling internal structures as if pixels of separate branes - in a sense contiguous planes that can intersect or touch at a distance- do not always cancel the outward or inward flux as if these unit regions behave cyclicly or expanding branes, at least in normal dimensions and fields.

*If the motive for preferring the steady state cyclic models is to exclude from the "intelligible unity of the universe as evidence of a Creator as or by design" it fails as totality and if the idea of an origin implies a religious implications desired or as not wanted, that too fails if from nothingness into chaotic flux works as well as the idea of Deity. Now, a universe or multiverse can be an unlimited or controlled design yet evolving. thus it is not so much the conservation of energy or the nature of entropy but the perhaps unique "intelligible design" in the abstract conserved in its kinetic flow and potentials of what may be or seems a higher abstract analog.

*Thus the surfave seen of the WMAP is quasi-canceling which is to say it is evolving flux over time in n-dimensions (and more if some center or fixed holes are filled plus one in the transcendental aspects of the continuum and perhaps beyond even with all its paradoxes) That is each pixel of that surface quasically evolving will match each pixel in the "volume". Yet by the quasized coordinate functions the greater freedom for motions (or part space group changes and greater vibrations as if the zero frequency were totally of infinite energy) restricted thereby in the apparent or perceived motions in the topological flat space as if a torus fourfold as if a holon that can be represented in the detailed structure of say stellar evolution. The same thing applies to a biochemical organism. We cannot truly define a closed or open system generally and even by thermodynamics statistically.

*The question then is, philosophically, in a conceived intelligible design, must any system remain informationally closed or open in moving plus and minus creation variations across an infinity of intervals of integers over time. This is not the same question of Is there a multiverse and I imagine operates on a lower level (higher than our conceptions of today although we should not underestimate the detailed work of our imaginative theoretical physicists)still philosophy over physics.

* If we can quasically map the wmap we may find the shape of so called curled up dimensions if such exist that way as it applies and thus can evolve to apply to this unique universe of our time- and it can so map our gene expressions and our body and minds. In this intelligible design the world has a unique unity again as if the true unique selves we are and experience and doubt - the one that although an other consciousness may be distant it is subject to the same changes in the thoughts inside the medium of dreams that appeal to the same concerns- we learn the how of dealing with threats or a shrinking environs but are blind to the creeping why as we try to live and exchange information in a struggle of its own space, and survive, survive.

*The motions of space over that of surface area, quasically are more restricted if they are closed and the motion fields separate directly but influence each others in what are our limitations actually a physical reality of freedom of we at the place of gravity that seems like but is also absolutely not a negative positive alternating series and spinning's and looping and folding here or there as a bottomless pit.

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